Morning Members,

Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend.

Congratulations to Kayne Martin who got a hole in 1 on Monday 20th January on #2.

Twilight Golf starts on THURSDAY 30th January – Have your registered your team yet????? $360.00 for the 6 weeks including a meal . By now all teams from last year would of received 2 e-mails plus a phone call.

Good luck to all our Interclub teams tomorrow. Remember we are WINNERS!!!

If you are keen to purchase a house on Fairview Estate in Katikati attached to the golf course – Keith Olsen has one for sale, contact keitholsen if interested.

The Programme book is in the process of being completed, so we need your correct phone or cell numbers, it would also be a great idea for members to update their correct e-mail addresses. Please contact us by return e-mail. .

As you are aware we have 4 men’s Interclub teams this year, if any member would be keen to play or even be a reserve please contact the office. You get to play at other courses in the Valley, meet lots of members, have a lunch after your game, and just enjoy the competitive side of golf with fun and laughter, (or tears in some cases).

Winner of the $50.00 raffles were Norm Ellis and Chris Hislop.

Last Winning number in the Roaring Forties was 26 Rob Wright $100 John Kane and John West get $50.00 each– they all won on the 14th December also !!! Thanks to everyone that supported the fundraising.

Sunday 26th January we have Opening Day with members playing for the James Maher Trays. This is a Better Ball Stableford event, for 2 – person teams, mixed or non-mixed using the better STABLEFORD score for each hole, so when printing your card add your partners name as your pair, any one that has not added a member as their pair, It will be selected by office staff of the day,

This week we have MW Men playing on Tuesday and Thursday, MW Women playing on Wednesday.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

Regards Sonia

Te Marua Golf Club Inc

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You would of heard by now that Club Member Owen Lloyd won the NZ National Maori Senior Golf Tournament played at Taupo on the 5th-10th January, when he was interviewed on TV he looked very smart wearing our Te Marua Shirt, again congratulations Owen.

Thanks to Kevin Keown for his diligence in keeping our unwanted pests under control, so far his traps have caught 250 mice, 112, rats, 8 hedgehogs, and 5 stokes, your work is very much appreciated.

If any one has a old tramp mat without holes in it Dominic would very much appreciate it as he is wanting it for a driving range net at home, please contact the office or him if you can help.

Congratulations to Pat Williams for a Hole in 1 on Tuesday 14th January on #11 – you are Awesome !!!!!

Congratulations to Dominic Hazeldine for a hole in 1 at Boulcott Farms on 31st December on #8 – you too are awesome!!!!

Winners of the Roaring Forties are as follows:-

7/12 – 39 Norm Muir $100, Di and Russell $50.00 each, 14/12 – 26 Rob McIntyre $100, John Kane and John West $50.00 each, 21/12 – 8 Amie and Kim $100, Meka and Wayne Bach $50.00 each, 28/12 – 38 Di Do $100, Norm and Hugh $50.00 each, 4/1 – 23 Tony Cooper $100, Stephen and Keith $50.00 each, 11/1 – 32 Greg Judd $100, Sonia and Mark $50,00 each. Last week this Saturday – Will your number come out on Saturday????? Members that are highlighted have not collected their money.

I would like to offer our thoughts to members that have lost loved ones over the Christmas break, sadly tomorrows aren’t a given in life, but just remember we are thinking of you. We hope members that have been unwell are soon back to playing golf also.

Twilight Golf starts on Thursday 30th January, it runs each Thursday excluding Waitangi Day through to and including 12th March, Start time for Round 1 is 5.00pm – 5.30pm, cost is $360.00 per team including a light meal prepared by 19th Haven Caterers, there will be weekly and individual competitions and prizes,. Please register your team by e-mail or phone the office, there is a registration form in the office also. Teams from last year would of received an e-mail to register.


Raffle Results from the Masters were:

Winner of the $500 Cash was Murray Quinn, Hamper was Ash Baker and Coffee set wine, chocolates was Norm Muir,

$150 cash winners were ME, Paul Keno, Tiri Subritzky and Simon Rush.

$50.00 cash prizes still to be picked up are Kim Cottrell, Kevin Gill and John Kane.

Your support is very much appreciated in buying raffles and Roaring Forties.

I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend, if travelling be safe.

Regards Sonia

The club is also very proud of Owen Lloyd who

Te Marua Golf Club Inc

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Morning Members,

AGM MONDAY AT 8 O’CLOCK in the Clubrooms.

Golfer of the Year is on Sunday, you have all been registered. There is a list of members that made the cut and out – line of Competition on the white board in foyer. Good Luck to you all!!!

The Club would like to express their Deepest Sympathies to Club Member Pat Sinding, on the loss of her husband Gunner who pass away last week. I know that Gunner was a member here many years ago, our thoughts are with you and your family.

The Weekend Shootout Winner was Peter Gallen, Runner -up Aaron Wynyard. The weather was perfect so made the 7 hours of playing time a enjoyable day, sadly some players were disappointed with their form on the day but that is GOLF. Peter Gallen took the title after an 18th chip off to resolve the tie with Aaron Wynyard – both players scored 4 on the 18th hole, but a cool head and experience prevailed with Peter winning. Peter had an awesome round best ever score of 73, but the next day he shot 95 so goes to show golf always wins the end of the day. The 2018 shootout winner Wayne Turner was knocked out (drum roll) first hole, so was stopped short in his attempt to win back to back. – Congratulations to you all that made the cut!!!! And for those that didn’t there’s always next year.

Weekend Women’s Shootout is on today( Saturday)teeing off #10 at 10.30.

Have your registered for the Masters???

Have you a few hours spare each day to help at the Masters???? There will be a registration form in the office to register your interest and what job you would prefer.

Te Marua Evergreens won the Evergreens cup beating Waikanae 10 – 5 in the final. It was played at Trentham with very warm temperatures and fairly fast greens. Well done to Kevin Keown and his team – Te Marua Club think you are all AWESOME!!!!!

Default Tees are White for Saturday and Blue for Sunday (so members can practise for the Masters) for the Men, Yellow both days for the Ladies.

Please Bring your Roaring Forties money this weekend – CASH – I won’t have time to collect after this weekend – plus winners need to be paid each week. Thanks.

Winning number for Saturday 23rd November was 6 Noel Kahui $100, Murray Quinn and Meka Boynton $50.00 each – congratulations – will it be your number this week??

Winners money is in the safe, just ask staff for it.

Course is closed on Monday 2nd November we are hosting the Wellington Men’s Vets.

Course is closed from 10 on Friday 6th November we are hosting the Stoney Classic.

Please support your clubs shop we have new stock in!!!

Round 6 of the Twilight was the decider who would take out the honors, the Farmers Team has been playing great all rounds so were clearly the favorites but they stubbled under pressure of being the leading team – I have to say it” BOOMER” the Shankers and Putters had a blinder and ended up team of the night, plus winners of the competition – congratulations to all teams, the competition was thoroughly enjoyed by all that played and thanks to Maree and Grahame for the awesome meals, plus the organizers. Special thanks to our Masters sponsors Pak N Save for sponsoring the event, in which they supplied prizes each round. Below are results for round 6 plus overall results for the 6 rounds.

Shankers and Putters 67

Mrs Lloyds Boys 62

Thirsty Thirdz 61

The Hoovers 61

Blazers 56

Constructables 56

Chemically Enhanced 55

Taka 53


TripleG 52

Select 51

Farmers 48

Sly Fox 42


Te Marua Golf Club
Business House Twilight 2019
R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6
24/10 31/10 7/11 14/11 21/11 28/11
Team Best 3 S/F Total
SHANKERS and PUTTERS 49 52 66 53 55 67 342
THIRSTY THIRDZ 59 57 57 55 50 61 339
THE FARMERS 53 52 67 57 54 48 331
THE HOOVERS 59 65 48 58 40 61 331
TAKA 59 52 59 52 55 53 330
PAK ‘N SAVE 55 53 58 54 53 53 326
SELECT 50 52 53 54 54 51 314
MRS LLOYD’S BOYS 45 48 60 45 51 62 311
CHEMICALLY ENHANCED 40 46 63 48 55 55 307
TRIPLE G 32 48 44 53 63 52 292
CONSTRUCTABLES 33 44 52 56 46 56 287
BLAZERS 46 41 49 42 49 56 283
SLY FOX 28 46 38 51 40 42 245

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

Regards Sonia

Te Marua Golf Club Inc

e temarua

p 526 7020


Morning Members,

Our Te Marua Men’s team comprising of Owen Lloyd, Peter Gallen and Andrew Black came (drum roll) SECOND in the Champion of Champions on Sunday – Owen had a blinder of a game finishing on 132 Gross, first 18 recorded 66, second 18 recorded 70, not far behind Masterton’s Winning team with Kerry Mountcastle on 135 – Awesome Result Guys – So Proud of you!!!!

Mid-Week Men’s Shootout final was won by Brent Leader, Runner-up was Rex Peebles, 3rd Mick Dearmer, 4th Alex Ross, 5th Greg Knox – congratulations to you all!!!

Roaring Forties starts this Saturday – have you paid your money??? Please bring in CASH!!!


We are in the process of returning to the use of WHITE STAKES to define the Out-of-Bounds margin. The proposed date for this change to become effective is 23rd November (subject to confirmation).

Until confirmation of the date and change becoming effective is notified, the current definition on the Scorecard stands. Notification will be via the Notice Boards, Website, Facebook page and this BLOB.

Volunteers required

We require volunteers to clear the sprinkler head holes around the greens from the coring soil, If you can help we would like this done next week, please contact Chris Brooks 027 2745702, and he will arrange with Dave Sully the tools.

Have you registered your interest for our Masters this year, we are looking for Starters and Marshalls. Please contact Adrian Ash 021428914 or email adrian.ash.

AUSTAD CUP ROUND 2 will be played this Sunday 17th November, I’m sorry for the 3 members who completed the round but by late morning the course was not playable.

Golfer of the year this weekend, last round for 2019, are you going to make the cut for the finals on Sunday 1st December???? I have registered all members that have made the cut into the competition. All participants can play in their own group time slots of the day.

Men’s and Women’s Shootout final next Saturday on the 23rd November Men starting at 8.30am, and possibly 11.00am for the women. Only two more games to go!!!

6 weeks to go for the Pak N Save, Upper Hutt Masters have your registered yet???

Next Friday we are closed at 10.00am for a shotgun start. Feel free to come early in the morning for a game otherwise late afternoon.

What’s on this week:

Saturday – course available all day

Sunday – Club Day – Golfer of the Year RD10, Austad Cup RD2 for the Men

Monday – course available all day

Tuesday – MW Men.

Wednesday – MW Women – Shootout Final

Thursday – MW Men at Levin, Business House Twilight RD5

Friday – course open early morning, closed at 10.00am.


Everyone have a great weekend.

Regards Sonia

Te Marua Golf Club Inc

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p 526 7020


Morning everyone,

The Winning pair of the Arthur Avis Trophy was Carole Medway and Carol Lightfoot on 52 Stablefords, closely behind them were Jim and Ange Walsh on 52c/b, 3rd was Noel Kahui and Dave Anderson 50 – congratulations – for the winning pair we have a framed print for you in the office.

Winners of the $50.00 raffles were Jim Walsh, Alex Walters and Rex Peebles. – congratulations

SHOP SALE ON FOR THE NEXT 10 DAYS. Thanks to all members that have supported the sale the past few weeks, we have managed to take in nearly $2000.00 in sales just on clothes and shoes.

Default tees for this weekend are WHITE Saturday, BLUE Sunday for the Men, YELLOW both days for the Women.

Men will play for the second round of the Austad Cup which is a Par competition 2 x 18 on separate days. Will your name be on the Cup????

Good Luck to Owen Lloyd, Peter Gallen and Andrew Black who will be representing Te Marua in the Wellington 2019 Champion of Champions played at Mahunga Valley on Sunday 10th November. Amie Clisby will be representing us at the 2019 Women’s Champion of Champions at Carterton on the 23rd November.

Shootout final for the Men and Women is on Saturday 23rd November, with reserve day on the following week 30th November, both start sheets have not been opened up yet in Dot Golf until I find out more information.

Leading the field in the Shootout so far is Robert McIntyre 406, closely behind him is Noel Kahui 398, Sam Iraia 396, Chas Evans 395, Tiri Subritsky 389, Mark Holley 388, Mel Phillips 388, Aaron Wynyard 388, Dean Alexander 387, Pete Gallen 386, Wayne Turner 386, Roger Gee 386, Meka Boynton 382, Michael Baines 380, Greg Judd 378 Chris Hislop 377, Malcolm Wellington 375, David Topp 374, and Murray Quinn with 373 is 19th, 4 more days to go to qualify – Will You make the cut????

Golfer of the year final is on Sunday 1st December. The finalists so far are Dave Anderson, Warwick Evans, Jeff Rigby, Allan Fayen, Clint Codyre, Kevin Gill, Dean Alexander, Mark Holley, Kim Cottrell, Greg Idour, Peter Gallen, Tiri Subritsky, Noel Kahui, Mark Bramwell, Dave Workman, David Muong, Kayne Martin, Brett Keno, Chris Hislop, Andrew Black, Meka Boynton, Bob Clouston, and Paul Hammond with round 10 to go on the 17th November. – Congratulations to all participants to date, and please if you are unable to play let me know so the succeeding player can be included in the field.

Monday 11th November the course will be closed – we are hosting the Wellington Men’s Vets.

Friday 22nd November the course will be closed from 10.00am – we are hosting the ENZED group (Shotgun start – members will be able to play around 3.00pm just ring the office for confirmation)

Friday 6th December the course will be closed from 10.00am – we are hosting the Stoney Classic (members will be able to play around 3.00pm – just ring the office for confirmation)

7 more weeks to go for the Te Marua Masters on the 27th, 28th, 29, 30th December – Have you registered???????

The Roaring Forties will go ahead starting on Saturday 16th November, I appreciated the first one how most of your paid up front for 4 – 10 weeks being around Christmas I would appreciate the same proposal of payment, but for those who still want to pay the $10.00 per week that is fine, just put your name on it and give it to staff who will put it into my folder where I will mark your payment off on the spreadsheet. Wayne Chapman are you still wanting the same number??? (please reply by return e-mail)

We only have 2 numbers left which are 29 and 18 anyone keen to take them???? Please bring CASH in with you as we normally don’t have enough cash in the till.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

Regards Sonia

Te Marua Golf Club Inc

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Morning everyone,

Congratulations to Ange Walsh who got a HOLE in 1 on Sunday 27th October on #15.

Have your registered for the Masters yet???

It looks like Roaring Forties will be going ahead for another 10 weeks, I just have to touch base with 3 more members then I will inform you by e-mail when it will be starting.

Please contact Adrian Ash on 021428914 or e-mail him on Adrian.ash if you are available to volunteer to assist as a Starter or Marshal during anytime of our Masters on the 27th,28th,29th and 30th December.

This Sunday all members get to play for the Arthur Avis Trophy, it is mixed or non-mixed pairs playing in 1 competition, you arrange and register your own partners, if you don’t staff will select your partner on the day, cost is $2.50 each person, the winning pair will receive a print of the course with a view from #9 looking out towards the hills done by Arthur Avis who sadly passed away last year, but the family have donated the original prints and film for us to print more ourselves. I will have a selection of the large and smaller photos for the winning pair to pick.

Default tees are Blue Saturday – White Sunday for the Men, Yellow both day for the Ladies.

Please note that the Women’s Twin Challenge at Te Marua has been cancelled, so the course will be available for the MW Men, plus members.

Monday 11th November the course Is closed we are hosting the Wellington Men’s Vets.

Welcome to all new members, I’m sure current members will make your feel very welcome to our wonderful club, please do not hesitate to contact staff if any queries.

What’s on this Week.

Saturday – course available

Sunday – Club Day – Arthur Avis Trophy

Monday – course available

Tuesday – MW Men

Wednesday – MW Women LGU Putts.

Thursday – MW Men

Friday – course available

Everyone have a wonderful weekend, hopefully the All Black will beat Wales tonight and I can smile tomorrow.

Regards Sonia

Te Marua Golf Club Inc

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Morning Members,

As we approach THE MASTERS for this year, the organising committee are seeking some members who are not playing to volunteer as Starters and Marshals. If you are in a position to assist on one or more days please register your interest to Adrian Ash, Phone number 021428914 or e-mail him on Adrian.ash


Everyone have a wonderful weekend, if traveling be safe, I’m so looking forward to us beating England in the Weekend, I will still stick by my prediction with the All Black and South Africa in the final.

Regards Sonia

Te Marua Golf Club Inc

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