Matchplay Champions

The Matchplay championship starts with a qualifying event being the last two rounds of the Stroke play championships.

The Matchplay champions get to represent the club at the regional championships.

Previously only one player had gone on to win the regional championship. 2010 was a stellar year with the women taken out the Rosebowl for the team score and Alannah Braybrook winning the Womens Silver. For the men Allan Old won the Junior division.

The men’s matchplay is played in three grades and the women’s in two.

There have been some outstanding champions over the years.
D Grieg won the senior men’s five times but this pales against Faye Turners eleven wins in the senior women’s.

Year Senior Men Intermediate Men Junior Men Women’s Silver Women’s Bronze
1932 K.E. Leighton
1933 H.A. Findlay M. Post
1934 S.P. Wheeler W. Gill
1935 K.E. Leighton V. Horton
1936 K.E. Leighton R. Pope
1937 G. Austad R. Austad
1938 K.E. Leighton L. Cornish
1939 S. Cooper B. Parker P. Fell
1940 E. Loader R. Uren
1946 R. Dalton V. Irvine
1947 R. Dalton J. Alexander C. Cox
1948 J. Burton M. Wellington C. Cox
1949 R. Dalton R. South C. Alderstein
1950 D. Greig E. Benseman B. Lovett J. Podevin
1951 D. Greig F. James A. Alexander J. Podevin
1952 D. Greig J. McCarthy H. Duncan J. Podevin
1953 C. Black M.G. Harrison G. Wiggs D. Palmer
1954 K. Haywood M.G. Harrison J. Murdoch D. Palmer B. Murphy
1955 C. Black H. Peling K. Beddie J. Podevin L. Parkin
1956 K. Haywood M. Wellington E. Ireland D. Palmer M. Jones
1957 G. Marsh J. Wilkes J. Lawson N. Parsons J. McLean
1958 D. Greig J. Parkin N. Baker J. Podevin I. Stroud
1959 D. Greig A. Avis M. Sherlock D. Palmer A. Tether
1960 M. Miller N. Baker D. Downing O. Faulkner S. Menneer
1961 M. Hodson A. Clark C. Murray E. Stroud M. Herron
1962 C. Black L. Leonard L. Bailey A. Tether O. Faulkner
1963 C. Black W. Leonard R. Montgomery A. Tether M. Herron
1964 M. Miller R. Montgomery R. Wood E. Stroud M. Ellis
1965 A. Borren J. Gordon L. George E. Stroud J. Gething
1966 K. Prior W. Allan E. Bell M. Ellis B. Murphy
1967 R. Bratten T. Purvis A. Tether B. Watson
1968 M. Hodson W. Coley T. Wellington M. Herron O. Faulkner
1969 A. Borren W. Wilkes R. Drummond M. Herron L. Parkin
1970 A. Torstensen G. Beattie F. Malden M. Herron J. Murphy
1971 R. Player S. Walsh D. Cunliffe F. Turner P. Patterson
1972 G. Ellis S. Walsh D. Cunliffe F. Turner J. Murphy
1973 M. McClennan S. Walsh D. Bush M. McCarthy M. Parsons
1974 G. Ellis J. Howell L. Manion M. McCarthy J. Murphy
1975 G. Ellis F. Drinnan W. Hewitson F. Turner J. Knight
1976 R. Scarlett P. Stone G. Marshall P. Gordon C. Parsons
1977 G. Ellis R. Nixon N. Lock M. McCarthy A. Tether
1978 B. Player R. Shaw N. Baker F. Turner R. Courtenay
1979 N. Muir M. Fenton R. Orr F. Turner A. Tether
1980 N. Muir E. Pearce T. Lobb F. Turner I. Benjes
1981 B. Hicks B. Adgo R. Bly F. Turner M. Criddle
1982 B. Player B. Adgo D. Howard R. Courtenay E. Robertson
1983 D. Butterworth M. Holt M. Messenger (Snr) F. Turner J. Wass
1984 B. Broker E. Cole K. Millar S. Somerville J. Wass
1985 B. Hicks M.D. Gibson D. Bush F. Turner L. Wilkinson
1986 D. Butterworth G. Herd S. Wellington F. Turner S. Cole
1987 K. Whiting J. Walsh M. Belliss S. Gray S. Cole
1988 B. Broker A. Walters K. Bishop M. Peard E. Neilson
1989 B. Broker H. Bee I. Voisey F. Turner J. Wass
1990 V. Bold J. Neilson D. Roe C. Broker H. Edwards
1991 V. Bold G. Somerville G. Burton C. Broker J. Brown
1992 B. Broker G. Brown T. Penrose C. Broker A. McEwen
1993 B. Hicks W. Shindler J. Burton C. Broker E. Ash
1994 C. Dickinson B. Pike E. Jessep M. Lewis P. Sharon
1995 B. Hicks M. Robinson V. Enerson E. Ash J. Brown
1996 B. Hicks M. Robinson M. Barrott C. Scaife P. Ritchie
1997 C. Wilkins G. Honey B. Aitken E. Ash M. Penrose
1998 W. O’Reilly G. Bingham B. Buckley J. Cox B. Johnston
1999 R. Fildes T. Holt G. O’Sullivan E. Ash J. Carson
2000 N. Muir V. Plimridge B. Sharman M. Lewis B. Johnston
2001 N. Muir K. Gill P. Tansey J. Cox A. Nickalls
2002 A. Fayen M. Kinsey C. Meiklejohn J. Cox N. Mullins
2003 B. Carter M. Kinsey A. Tardrew D. Seirenger J. Richards
2004 N. Muir A. Tardrew D. Fildes F. Turner M. Criddle
2005 P. Fairweather G. Somerville B. Albury F. Turner T. Smallbone
2006 H. Puha A. Wynard R. Peebles A. Braybrook G. Waight
2007 C. Wilkins W. Clews S. Smith A. Braybrook P. Sharon
2008 P. Fairweather S. Fisher A. Old J. Cox M. Orr
2009 R. Fildes K. Smith P.Sharon A. Braybrook T. Scholey
2010 J. Waluszewski C. Evans A.Old A. Braybrook F. Bird
2011 L. O’Sullivan W. Turner R.Peebles K. Rangihaeata V. Reynolds
2012 Craig Wilkins Kayne Martin Aaron Malloch Connie Broker Joanne Carson
2013 Steve Smith Vance Plumridge M. (Dug) Dugdale Connie Broker Joanne Carson
2014 James Waluszewski Chas Evans Russell Oliver