Strokeplay Champions

The stroke play championship is generally played over four consecutive rounds but may be reduced to three at the discretion of the Match Committee

For the men there are the Bolt Cup , for two specified rounds of the Strokeplay championships and the Mayer and Kean Cup for the best nett over the Strokeplay Championships.

Year Senior Men Intermediate Men Junior Men Women’s Silver Women’s Bronze
2012 J. Waluszewski B. Griffin D.Alexander
2011 L Tumataroa K. Martin R.Oliver F. Turner T. Scholey
2010 J. Waluszewski P. Henley K. Martin A. Braybrook A. Nickalls
2009 R. Fildes W. Clews T. Budd F. Turner S. Lee
2008 R. Scammell W. Clews R. Caldow
2007 T. Rogers K. Gill W. Clews A. Braybrook A. Nickalls
2006 C. Wilkens N. Messenger B. Albury A. Braybrook A. Nickalls
2005 T. Carter C. Evans R. Peebles F. Turner A. Nickalls
2004 R. Fildes B. Griffin R. Apatu D. Seirenger P. Sharon
2003 R. Fildes P. Gallen B. Keno D. Seirenger / F. Turner M. Criddle
2002 N. Muir J. Troy M. Scaife J. Cox A. Nickalls
2001 N. Muir I. Cockburn R. Duffy F. Turner R. Aitken
2000 N. Muir K. Venning L. Williams M. Lewis R. Greenland
1999 A. Fayen I. Bateman B. Hay C. Broker M. Criddle
1998 B. Broker M. Dearmer B. Buckley C. Broker I. Cottler
1997 B. Broker K. Venning E. Pritchard M. Lewis C. Mason
1996 R. Walter P. Anderson R. Fildes E. Ash J. McKeowen
1995 N. Moore M. Robinson R. Duffy M. Lewis J. Brown
1994 B. Broker C. Binham R. Smith C. Broker J. Cox
1993 B. Broker G. Brown R. Burton C. Broker R. Greenland
1992 B. Broker A. Carlyon B. Priestly F. Turner R. Greenland
1991 B. Broker G. Somerville B. Aitken C. Broker J. Brown
1990 B. Broker M. Kelliher L. Utting C. Broker H. Edwards
1989 B. Hicks F. Brinnan N. Lock / S. Bailey F. Turner /M Ellis J. Brown / S. Cole
1988 B. Broker D. Roper / V. Bold K. Bsihop / W. Bailey F. Turner J. Burner
1987 B. Broker J. Walsh B. Beavis C. Broker / F. Turner S. Cole
1986 B. Broker F. Drinnan S. Wellington F. Turner S. Cole
1985 B. Broker A. Nielson H. McGowan F. Turner / F. Jones L. Wilkinson
1984 B. Hicks C. Wilson G. Marshall F. Turner J. Wass / M. Orr
1983 B. Player J. Neilson G. Marshall F. Turner U. Baker