Morning everyone,

Cloudy but fine up here today.

Winners of the raffle over the past weeks were Allan Old and Bob Dry.

The Men Interclub Trip Away on the 13th/14th October registration form is in the men’s locker room plus one on the notice board for members to register.

As some of you are aware Dave Edhouse had his golf clubs stolen from his garage recently, he is looking for a second hand or new pair of left handed clubs, please contact him or the office if you know of anyone selling their clubs.

Ade Waddell Memorial 2018 – information is now found under Some of the Round 1 matches have been played – the results are on the noticeboard at TMGC but not yet on the website.

Te Marua hosted the Mashies on Saturday, our team played Trentham, there were a lot of tight matches that could of gone either way, suffice to say that 7.5 points each was a fitting end to the day. This leaves our team in 3rd place, 1 point ahead of Trentham with 2 matches left – Awesome Guys!!!!!

What’s on this week:

Saturday – course available all day.

Sunday – Club Day – Ade Waddell Memorial for the Men.

Monday – course available all day.

Tuesday – MW Men.

Wednesday – MW Women – Matchplay Championship, Others Stableford.

Thursday – MW Men.

Friday – course available all day.

Everyone have a great weekend, and hopefully tonight we can all celebrate a hurricanes win!!!!

Regards Sonia


Morning everyone,

No rain – but very cold!!!

Winner of the $50.00 raffle was Rodger Hough and Jason Robinson.

MW Ladies played at Otaki on Monday against Judgeford – once again the weather condition were appalling, never the less a draw of 4 ½ each was probably appropriate for both teams playing in terrible conditions. – Congratulations Ladies!!

Yesterday the MW Men had their Mid – Winter dinner at the clubrooms, they thanked Grahame, Tania and Staff for a superb meal. They also made a small presentation to Tania in appreciated of her efforts in looking after them while Maree was convalescing. They started the day by teeing off at 9.00am and although a fine drizzle of rain was ever so present during the day, most of them enjoyed the chance to play some golf and build up an appetite for lunch. The winner of the day was Gary Jackson with 35 points which was enough to present him with the Bill Adams Trophy. Gary also picked up Ted’s Trophy also for getting an eagle on #10 earlier this month. The MW Men would like to thank Dave and Johnny for the excellent condition the greens are in for this time of the year, they also would like to acknowledge they do a great job and their perfectionism it very much appreciated by the MW Men.

Good Luck to our Ladies who are playing in the MAT Field Day at Otaki Golf Club tomorrow Saturday 23rd June, morning tea at 9.15am and teeing off at 10.00am.

Have you registered for the Ade Waddell Memorial – first round is played this Sunday???

Have you picked up your pre-ordered items???

What’ on this week:

Saturday – course available all day

Sunday – Club Day – Ade Waddell Memorial Round 1 for the men

Monday – course available all day

Tuesday MW Men

Wednesday – MW Women – Stableford

Thursday – MW Men

Friday – course available all day.

Saturday – Te Marua Interclub teams 8.30 to 12 – tee times available after lunch only.

Membership cards have arrived, if not collected by this weekend I will post out to you.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

Regards Sonia


Afternoon everyone,

If wanting to know the status of the course please check website before coming up to play, this is updated daily after heavy rain.

Today we have #10-#18 open NO CARTS ( and there is no discussion on this – far too wet for carts)

Special thanks must go to the green-keepers on a quick clean-up – they have spent many hours cleaning the debris off the course – and now just waiting for the water to run off, hourly the course is getter dryer – but we can-not predict the weather so the course will be monitored daily for play!!! – you guys are AWESOME!!!

We had a great day for Club Championships on Sunday, the only sad point to the day is after 36 holes someone has to lose – but take solace that the finalist are the best of the best in the club and there will always be a winner and runner-up, I enjoyed waiting for the results but felt the disappointment for those who lost their game, and also triumph for the winners.

Senior Winner was Michael Payne, Runner -up Zane Wilkins, Intermediate Winner was Allan Old, Runner Up Chris Brooks, Junior Winner Brett Keno, Runner-up Steve Needham, Silver Winner Amie Clisby, Runner-up Gina Omundsen, Bronze Winner Kim Abrahams, Runner-up Faye Turner – congratulations to you all – you are all WINNERS!!!!

Another awesome result from our Mashies team that played at Pauatahanui against Boulcott and won 9-6, this win elevates them to 3rd on the table – AWESOME GUYS!!!

Course Closed on Monday till early afternoon, we are hosting the Ladies Pennants.

Sunday 17th June is Golfer of the Year Round 4 for the Men.

Have you registered for the Mid – Week Christmas Dinner Yet????? Registration form in the men’s changing rooms.

All ordered stock to be picked up this weekend please.

The Final Recap from Captain Amie Clisby for our Mary Alward/Tuakana Interclub Team.

Well so close and so awesome!

One of mine and Kim’s good friends made a great comment “You can’t ever win if you aren’t at the big dance” and really that is so true.

WGI has a post of their Facebook page about the final and a couple of thoughts come to mind about the post and the ensuring comments.

In the post WGI mention that a number of the games went down to the 18th, which is right we took five games to the 18th and though we only converted one into points (Chrissy and Dale – looking at your 4 ball), on any other given day we would of converted the others into points and the result would of been different. As a team we will learn from this, and next year we will be more determined dancers!

Seeing the comments from Miramar players and supporters you can see how much the win meant to them. I think this is great and shows that women’s interclub golf is alive and well in Wellington. It was interesting on Saturday the comments from the Miramar team that they have gone some 20 years between wins in the Mary Alward, so though we didn’t get this one, maybe it was just their year.

Lastly, two wins in the four ball, and Ange coming home for the singles win. Again this tells me we work as a team (and yes Ange I will never talk you up mid-season again!!!). Theresa you picked the short straw and came up against a player on fire, however, you stayed the course once your match was over, and supported your partner to the end. That is the spirit of the team this year, and to me makes you the player of the day.

PS: Carole everyone enjoyed the little surprise you left for us, hope you are having a FAB time on the cruise and we look forward to hearing all about it when you’re back 😊

Great Effort Ladies we are proud of your all.

Good Luck to our Ladies playing in the Mary Alward/Tuakana Field day next Saturday on the 23rd June at Otaki Golf Club.

Field Day Foursome Pairings
Pairings Index Field Day HC
Jo 24.0 22
Kerry 16.3
Theresa 23.0 23
Dale 18.5
Amie 9.3 15
Chrissy 17.2
Kim 19.7 29
Mary 32.6

Update from Green-keepers:

Please Note everyone #15 is out of play for a couple of weeks (#15 is fine but we have a small layer of silt on it) – you are to play chipping green instead – don’t forget to go to #13 then chipping green, then play #14, #16th is still in play.

Carts can be used this weekend on both sides ONLY by Club Members that can adhere to the previous Carts Rules put into place by the committee, if you can’t – you can-not use your cart. No Carts for Visitors until further notice.

I have a registration list for the Ade Waddell Memorial Trophy for the men starting next weekend on Sunday 24th June, format is four ball, best ball Match-play on Handicap from the lowest handicap in the Match. Each pair to be one senior(0-12) and one Junior (13-24) at the time of the first round, any players with a handicap over 25 can still play but on a maximum handicap of 24, you can arrange your own partners, (I will have to check with Peter if we do a draw for the 24th or you just play at your own time with your partner, for this reason the start sheet for the 24th has not been opened up) this is played over 3 rounds on the 24th June, 8th July, 22nd July, semi finals on 5th August, and finals 19th August, it was a lot of fun last year, it is not a stableford competition. Please register this weekend we have 9 pairs already registered.

If you are not coming up to play just send me your registration in, if you don’t have a partner I have some members registered without partners.

Thanks to our cleaner/reliever Heather today for cleaning the shop/office windows its great to be able to see clearly out of them.

What’s on this week:

Saturday – A couple of groups booked in the morning some tee time still available early morning and after 12.00pm

Sunday – Club Day – Golfer of the year Round 4 for the men.

Monday – Course closed till early afternoon – Pennants.

Tuesday – MW Men

Wednesday – MW Women – Stableford.

Thursday – MW Men Mid-Year Christmas Dinner.

Friday – Course available.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

Regards Sonia


The 2018 Te Marua Golf Club Matchplay Championship results are in:

Men’s Senior Division: Michael Payne  –  6/4   v  Zane Wilkins

Men’s Intermediate Division:  Allan Old  – 1 Up  v  Chris Brooks

Men’s Junior Division: Brett Keno –  12/11   v   Steve Needham

Women’s Silver Division:  Amie Clisby  –  11/10   v   Gina Omundsen

Women’s Bronze Division:  Kim Abrahams – 4/2  v  Faye Turner


Congratulations to our  2018 Club Matchplay Champions and well played to those who came 2nd – 2019 awaits your return !





Afternoon everyone,

All ordered items are now in the shop waiting for you to pick up, (I contacted you all by e-mail a couple of weeks ago) please make sure you pop in over the next week for pick-up and payment – Stock-take the end of the month.


MATCHPLAY CHAMPS FINALS SUNDAY 10TH JUNE for Men and Women – Come along and watch the end of the finals – Happy Hour 5pm to 6pm Good Luck to all finalists.

All other golfers will be teeing off #10 for the day. Thanks also to the volunteers helping out on Sunday.

Reserve Day for Matchplay Champs is Sunday 17th June, I will not open the start sheet up until the completion of the Champs on Sunday 10th June.

The Ladies that are into the finals are Silver Gina and Amie, Bronze Kim and Faye. Congratulations !!!!

Thanks to Kane Lloyd who has now retrieved several of Pat Williams clubs from the river, just the bag to be found.

Good Luck to out Women’s MAT Interclub team playing in the finals on Saturday 9th June – can’t wait for the results!!!!

Mid-Week Men if attending the Mid- Week Dinner on Thursday 21st June, put your name on attendance list in the Men’s locker room – partners are invited.

Green-keepers pass on their apologies that ROUGH and FAIRWAYS have not been mown due to the fact of the poor weather conditions over the last 2 weeks. So no moaning!!!!!

Please Remember – when you play or practise your golf on your course, the only evidence of you being here should be your scorecard!!! Repair all pitch marks and divots!!!!!

Please remember also that the practise chipping green, beside #18 is our emergency green which will get used if we find any of the par 3’s become unplayable because of weather conditions (#15, #2) so repairing pitch marks on the practise green is just as important as repairing them on any other greens.

Golfer of the Year round 4 is on Sunday 17th June.

The Course is Closed on Monday 11th June we are hosting the Men’s Wellington Veterans.

The Course is closed until 1.30 Monday 18th June we are hosting the Women’s Pennants.

Men’s Interclub end of season match and function is on Saturday 30th June.

What’s on this week:

Saturday – course is available all day.

Sunday – Club Day Champs Finals.

Monday – WGI Men’s Veterans – course closed.

Tuesday – MW Men.

Wednesday – MW Women – Stableford

Thursday – MW Men.

Friday – course available.

Please remember we are in the winter months now, so if the course is not busy in the weekend the shop/office will be closed early.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

Regards Sonia


From: <>
Sent: Friday, 25 May 2018 1:18 PM
To: Te Marua Golf Club <>
Subject: BLOB

Morning everyone,

Sometimes you really don’t know to laugh or cry at someone else’s expense. But I am stilling laughing on the inside but trying to remain sorry for Club member Pat Williams. He was playing golf on Tuesday with the MW Men and putting at the 4th. Now just imagine it putting, putter, golf ball, and glove in hand when a big gust of wind takes his trundler golf bag for a ride of its life, it travels uphill with Pat running after it, then it goes down hill and flies into the river down by the blackberry bushes, pat travels down the stream with a ball retriever in hand goes out to the middle waist high to wait for trundler and bag, he then sights the empty bag no trundler or golf clubs in sight, gets himself steady with his golf shoes on the rocky bed in the river puts the ball retriever out to try to hook the bag and misses, the bag float past him down steam, and he safety gets himself out of the river. So if anyone finds a trundler golf bag and bits of a golf set please contact Pat Williams. Pat was more concerned about the private effects in the pocket of the golf bag house and car keys, cards money ID Cards, phone etc. Hopefully the insurance will sort him out after they finish laughing when fulling out the claim form, plus at least he does not have to buy a new putter, glove and golf ball. At times you wish someone taped it, because it would have been a very funny video to watch.

Your carts do have brakes on them!!!!

Don’t be surprised if you find a hitching post down by the 5th called “Pat’s Post” for you to tie your carts too!!!

Breaking News:

The MAT Women’s Interclub has gone straight through to the final , they were so far ahead they skipped the Semi Finals and BOOM into the finals – Awesome work Ladies. The Semi final will be between Miramar and Waikanae. The final is on the 9th June venue to be announced. The team has played outstanding all season and everyone can be proud of the way they have played and represented the club – we are proud of you all!!! OVERWHELMING

Paul Hammond had an awesome Interclub game on Saturday the 12th he won 8 – 6. Apparently I forgot to mention his outstanding game with the other outstanding players – my bad!! (my smiley face)!!!

Division 7 won on Saturday 11-4 against Mahunga. Outstanding was their oldest player playing for their first and last game for them – none other than Jim Walsh winning 5/3 . Jamie Gray played at No 1 and won his game – Awesome guys!!! Division 7 now go up to Division 6 after winning their grade – Tremendous!!!!

Division 4 had a home game against Judgeford which was a 3 horse race for the title. They had a good win On Saturday beating Judgeford 11.5 to 3.5. All Season they have always been 2nd or 3rd and at one point as far back as 5th. The only time they led the division was when it mattered at the end of the final round, and didn’t they do us proud!!! Players of the day was Paul Henley and their blue friend was put away till next season. Great effort from everyone who played towards Division 4’s success. There is a total of 17 players they contributed to them going up to Division 3. – Splendid effort!!!!!

Dave Sully and John are grateful for the new fairway mower, it is a vast improvement from the old one – they would like to give their appreciation to all involved in the purchase.

We are hosting two small group on Saturday from 8.00 to 9.24, after that the course is free for bookings.

Good Luck to everyone playing the Semi Finals of Matchplay on Sunday. Are you going to make the CUT?????

What’s on this week:

Saturday – course available

Sunday – Club Day – Matchplay Semi Final Champs for the Men and Women.

Monday – course available.

Tuesday – MW Men.

Wednesday – MW Women – Nassau Stableford.

Thursday – MW Men.

Friday – course available. Will be hosting a group of School Children from about 9.00am to 1.00pm from Plateau and Mangaroa Schools, they have allocated times groups of children will be arriving at our course. WGI are currently piloting a primary schools programme which Te Marua Golf will be supporting. The group of children will mainly be down by the Drive Practise Area by the Pine Trees, if you are playing that day please take care teeing off #10 we don’t want any wayward shots going their way.

Queen’s Birthday Weekend.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend

Regards Sonia


Morning Everyone,

Well it was pretty wet up here this morning, but now the sun is out and no rain!!

Awesome news about New Zealand golfer Danny Lee in the weekend, he scored a decent payday on the PGA Tour. After coming seventh at the Players Championship he jumped from 148th to 119th in the points standings – Great to be a New Zealander!!! And !!of course Tiger Woods didn’t do too bad coming 11th. Webb Simpson ended up winning by 4 shots.

We can’t forget our Lydia Ko having a deserving win at the Mediheal Championship last week, I must admit I loved watching her play and you really knew how much she wanted it after seeing her reaction when she finally won, at the end of the day she is only 21 and has won 15 LPGA tour events, this one has taken nearly two years to win but she is still the most successful teenager in the history of the game to achieve so much.

Interclub Results:

Division 4 played a Te Marua on Saturday against Boulcott and WON 10.5 – 4.5. Player of the day went to Noel Kahui with a 4&3 win and shot 76. Paul Henley won the Blue award. Division 4 is in 2nd place 3 points behind Kapiti who are playing away, Division 4 are playing at home so lots at stake in the final round – Exciting!!!

Division 7 played at home also against Carterton and WON 9 ½ – 5 1/2 , Chris Brooks, Robert McIntyre, Wayne Bach, Jose Cooper and Allan Old had great games, the team is 10 points ahead in first place at the moment, so like division 4 the last game is the decider, they have to win by 7 -8 points to take out the Championship.

Division 9 lost against Kapiti.

Our Mashies team played Trentham at Trentham and lost 12 – 3.

And yes!! we do have a Division 1 team – but haven’t really heard how they are doing.

Thank you to all members that donated to Maree’s gift, donation came to $302.40, card is all signed, the most popular suggestions from members was a meal and plant vouchers plus some movie passes. I will get these this week and delivery to Maree. – Awesome result everyone!!!

On Friday 11th May we hosted the WGI Women’s National Teams, we had great compliments about our course, service and caterer’s. The Green-keepers have to have a special mention as just for this one day tournament it has taken many weeks of preparation to have the course in tip top condition. You guys are AWESOME!!!

Last day for Men’s Interclub on Saturday 19th May – Good Luck to all our teams.

Matchplay Championships Semi – finals on Sunday 27th May for the Men and Women. – Good Luck to you all. Finals will be played on Sunday 10th June – 36 holes. Who will make the cut????

Sunday 20th May Golf of the year Round 3 for the Men.

Mashies at Kapiti on the 19th May.

Evergreens at Ohariu Valley on the 31st May.

Mens WGI Vets at Manor Park on the 21st May.

Women’s WGI Vets at Judgeford on the 21st May.

Mary Penrose Trophy Section 2 at Masterton on the 28th May.

Have you got your Club Programme Book yet???

Thanks to Ian Jepson for fitting a new hose – you are AWESOME!!

Thanks to Clive Dunstan for cleaning the carts – you are AWESOME!!

I hope all Mums had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

What’s on this Week:-

Friday – course available all day.

Saturday – Division 4 and 7 teeing off at 8.30, course available the rest of the day.

Sunday – Club Day – Golf of the Year

Monday – course available all day.

Tuesday – MW Men.

Wednesday – MW Ladies.

Thursday – MW Men.

Friday – course available all day.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

Regards Sonia