2020 Cossie Club Shootout Final

Hello everyone, in particular participants in the 2020 Cossie Club Shoot.

The final results are in (after 94 rounds) and things have changed a little from the list which has been on the Noticeboard for the last couple of weeks.

Top 3 Qualifiers based on best 10 Stableford scores through the year were, for the men, Terrence Horne (373), Meka Boynton (371) and Chas Evans (370) – on countback from Mal Wellington.

And for the women’s event, which is being played on Saturday  28th Nov,  the top 3 qualifiers were Lina Worthing (370), Kerry Baines (369) and Amie Clisby (366) – on countback from Kim Abrahams.

Unfortunately, in the Men’s event, Terrence Horne and a few others are unable to play. But for those outside top 19, there is the opportunity to bring the playing field up to a full complement of 19 players.

The list below excludes those who have already advised us of their unavailability and includes those who were First Reserves so we now need all those on this new list, including the new First Reserves, to please [re-]confirm their availability.

Please reply by e-mail to temarua@golf.co.nz  or phone the Golf Club on (04)526 7020 or, as an extra option, send a text message to Pete Gallen on 027 228 6206 .

The current list of players for the Men’s  Cossie Club Shootout Final  is:

  1   Boynton, Meka

  2   Evans, Chas

  3   Wellington, Malcolm

  4   Old, Allan

  5   McIntyre, Robert

  6   Phillips, Mel

  7   Alexander, Dean

  8   Topp, David

  9   Curry, Andrew

10   Gallen, Pete

11   Needham, Steve

12   Hislop, Chris

13   Quinn, Murray

14   Gee, Roger

15   Quinn, Stephen

16   Cooper, Jose

17   Frost, Owen

18   Baines, Michael

19   Herbert, Chris

First Reserves

1   Judd, Greg

2   Van Der Vegt, Michael

3   Girling, Mark

4   Black, Andrew

5   Curry, Andrew

Thanks in advance for a prompt response and Good Luck for Saturday 21st

Pete Gallen

(Event Co-ordinator – for this Event)