Morning everyone,

Lovely up here today.

We have had some great comments on our beautiful course the last few days – Great work greenkeepers.

The Ladies Mary Alward/Tuakana Interclub team had a great win last weekend 10-2, Amie said this was their biggest win in the last three years, and for it to be against a good Judgeford side was really pleasing. The best comment of the day came from Theresa who mentioned “It was a game of two halves” Amie wasn’t sure what that meant as Theresa won her singles 8/7 which was a very impressive win!! Their next Round will be at Te Marua against Shandon. – Well Done Ladies!!!!

This Friday 12th May we are hosting the 2017 Women’s National Districts Finals, we have 60 Ladies in this competition teeing off #1, #10, #14 at 9.00am. Members can tee off #1 for a quick nine if wanting an early morning game, tee times will be available to members from 12 onwards.

Mary Penrose Salver played against Carterton at Carterton last Saturday and won 6-3 AWESOME LADIES they are now 1 ½ points ahead of Masterton, their last game is on Monday 15th March at Te Marua. – Good Luck Ladies

This Saturday 13th May we are hosting the Mary Alward/Tuakana teeing off at 8.00am, then we have Mashies teeing off at 9.10am Shotgun start, so there will be no available tee times for members until late afternoon. This would be a good opportunity for members to get their bonus cards to play at Shandon or Judgeford for free.

Have you got your membership card?? If not please ask at the office to see if your card has arrived!!!

Matchplay Championship Round 2 is on Sunday 14th May for the Men and Women.

What’s on this week:

Monday course available all day.

Tuesday MW Men, 9 holes Stableford Rd 6.

Wednesday MW Women.

Thursday MW Men.

Friday Limited Tee times in the morning for 9 holes only – course available for 18 after 12.00pm.

Saturday no tee times available until the afternoon.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

Te Marua Golf Club

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Afternoon everyone,

Fine but cloudy up here today.

Good Luck to everyone who made the cut for the MatchPlay Championships Round 1. Please take note that from 8.00am to 9.14am Matchplay Participants will be teeing off #1, all club members will be teeing off #10.

Men’s 2017 Strokeplay Championship winner for the Intermediate grade is PAUL HENLEY ( 344), he had a playoff against Jim Walsh (also on 344), congratulations to you both!!!

Winner of the Fay Jones Trophy for the Women was Jan Tomlinson with 37 Stableford points – congratulations!

Te Marua members that are playing in the 2017 National Teams Event on the 12th May are Chrissy Doughty, Ange Walsh, Carole Medway, Mary Penrose, Audrey Messenger and Joanne Carson. – Good Luck Ladies.

Are there any members out there that are available for an hour in the morning to help as starters for the above event???, tee off time is 9.00am.

Winner of the $50.00 raffle was Chris Herbert and Gary Jackson – congratulations

The second supply of membership cards have arrived please make sure you pick them up this weekend.

Please remember everyone that uses a cart and puts it away when the office is closed, it is members responsibility to put the CHARGER IN, please think about members that have booked to hire them out the next day, if it is not CHARGED it cannot be used. It is a Privilege for members to use them outside the office hours – don’t spoil it for others and have this privilege provoked. This has only happen a few times, but the few times I have had all carts booked the next day which is embarrassing for staff to try and juggle who gets a cart because someone didn’t charge it from the night before.

Zane Wilkins had an enjoyable time at the New Zealand Maori Nationals last week, he won his first game which put him into the second round, he lost his second and didn’t get to go through to the top 4, he made the second group of top 16, not bad with over 300 entries. Great effort Zane!!!

Roaring Forties has purchased two NZ Flags this week.

Division 2 played Mornington at Te Marua and won 14-1, player of the day was the TEAM, except for Sam Iraia who only got ½ a point in singles, plus ½ in four ball, hence the 1 point Mornington got, this puts Division 2 to the top of the Division, it’s a good job they didn’t follow their captains example (Sam) – congratulations team – Awesome effort!!!

I’m pretty sure during Saturday I was told Division 10 won, Division 5 won, both these teams are leading their Divisions, plus Division 7 lost. Gosh we are really smashing the leadership board in some of our Divisions for men and women, congratulation to all teams, win or lose – you are pretty AWESOME!!!!

What’s on this week:-

Saturday – Mary Alward at Te Marua teeing off at 8.30am – course available all day

Sunday –Club Day – Matchplay Championship for Men and Women.

Monday – MAY ALREADY – course available all day. Course Maintenance – Vertidrain.

Tuesday MW Men, 9 hole Medal and Putts Round 5.

Wednesday – MW Women LGU, Putts, HP Stableford.

Thursday – MW Men.

Friday – course available all day.

Everyone have a great weekend.

Regards Sonia

Te Marua Golf Club

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Morning everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter, and enjoyed the long weekend.

Beautiful up here today, you wouldn’t want to miss a day like this stuck in the office, come up and play some golf.

Winner of the $50.00 Raffle was Marie Orr – congratulations.

New Flags have arrived, another Roaring Forties purchase, hopefully the flag poles will be put up soon!!!

Good Luck to Zane Wilkins who is participating in the New Zealand Maori Nationals at Taupo next week.

Congratulations to Mid -Week Ladies Pennants Team, they played Judgeford at Masterton and won 5/4, awesome!!! They are now leading their Division by 1.  They only have two games to go.  Keep up the Awesome Golf Ladies!!!!

The Women’s Club Matchplay Championships are due to start and will be based on a seeded draw for each division, Round 1 is now on the 30th April (not this Sunday the 23rd April as stated in the Programme book).

The event is open to Full Playing members only.  There are 2 Divisions, Silver (Handicap up to 18.4) and Bronze (18.5 and above).  Matches are played “off the stick”.  Seeding for the draw will be based on handicap index as at 27th April.

Before we set up a draw for the 30th April we need a” Registration of Interest” which we need to know prior to the 27th April.  I have a registration sheet in the office, please add your name to it, or phone the office to register.

Winner of the Don Hazlett Trophy was Zane Wilkins – congratulations


Of interest to Members:

Thursday 27th April Evergreens.

Thursday 27th April Lady Golf Veterans.

Saturday 29th April Mashie Interclub.

Sunday 30th April Club Matchplay Championships R1.


What’s on this Week:-

Saturday Division 5 and Division 2 playing here – good luck guys!!! Tee times available after 9.30am.

Sunday Club Day – Golfer of the Year Round 3 for the men.

Monday course available.

Tuesday – Anzac Day  if wanting a early game book quickly – otherwise tee times available after 11.30am.

Wednesday MW Ladies, – Grannies Day.

Thursday MW Men.

Friday –  course available

Saturday 29th April we are hosting Mary Alward/Tuakana.

Sunday 30th April Club Matchplay Championships R1.


Everyone have a great, hopefully FINE weekend.


Regards Sonia.


Morning everyone,

Finally – no rain, beautiful up here today.

Status of the course for the weekend is:

We had no flooding – so compliments to the awesome team behind the river work that was done, twice now we have had heavy rain with great results of no flooding.

We however like most areas in the Valley had a lot of surface water, once it stopped raining it drained very quickly.

Please REMEMBER greenkeepers do NOT mow in the rain, not only is this dangerous but against Health and Safety regulations.

So if you find the grass a little long tomorrow – please don’t come in the office and tell me!!

Saturday -OPEN for 18 holes, CARTS for top nine only, #2 is unplayable (too much surface water) so will be played on the Chipping Green.

Sunday – same as above – but carts for 18 holes for members only.

Winner of the $50.00 was Ray Randle. – congratulations

Thanks to Vance Plumridge (and team) for building the fence. You are AWESOME!!!

Division 5 had another great win away from home on the 25th March at Karori beating them 8.5 to 6.5. Te Marua now has a 12 point lead at the top of the table. Birthday boy Luke Holford got muppet of the day and Mark Jones player of the day with an outstanding 10 – 8 win. He was 1 under after 9 holes and shot 73. – AWESOME GUYS!!!!

Division 2 played Paraparaumu on the 25th March at home (Te Marua) and won 9 -6 AWESOME Win. Congratulations to Clinton Codyre who had 6 birdies on his way to winning his singles match 6 – 5.

Division 7 had to struggle with having Allan Old in their team who was teeing off #4, drove his ball onto the Ladies tee, the group was a bit unsure who Allan was playing for – Div 7 or the Ladies Mary Alward Interclub team.

Halberg Day Prizes are here in the office/shop to be picked up this weekend, registration results below.


1st Chris Herbert, 2nd Jason McKenzie, 3rd Chris Hislop, 4th Bruce Hay, 5th Jim Walsh, 6th Norm Muir, 7th Iain MacDonad, 8th Chris Brooks, 9th Murray Quinn, 10th Rex Peebles, 11th Roger Gee, 12th Mark Bramwell, 13th Ian Sherwin.


1st Chrissy Doughty, 2nd Kerry Baines, 3rd Mary Penrose, 4th Trish Honey, 5th Ange Walsh, 6th Joanne Carson, 7th Theresa Scholey.

Holes in two were Alex Ross (2), Mick Dearmer, Noel Kahui, Steve Needham, Jamie Ryland, Jason McKenzie, Iain MacDonald, Chrissy Doughty(2), Chas Evans, Chris Brooks (2).

Winner of the Jim Parkin Trophy (Stableford) was Chris Herbert 45, runner-up Keith Morris 44.

Winner of the Lil Parkin Cup (Stableford) was Chrissy Doughty 38, runner-up Kerry Baines 37.

Participants in the Mayer & Kean Cup are leaving it all up to this Sunday to see who wins, it is so close to call, we have Norm Muir and Leigeon Tumataroa on 212, following closely behind is Paul Henley 214, Jason McKenzie 215, Braden Lister 216, Jim Walsh 217 good luck to you all!!! Oh dear!!!! I just noticed Chris Brooks is last at 96 with a net of 86.

No Winner for the Don Hazlett cup, as participants (juniors) only played the one round.

Thank you to all that supported the Halberg Day, congratulations to all winners.

What’s on course this week – leading up to Easter.

Saturday – course available all day.

Sunday – Club Day Strokeplay Championships Round 4, Mayer & Kean Cup round 4, Bolt Cup Round 2, M/P Qualifying for the Men, Fay Jones Trophy (Stableford) for the Women.

Monday – course available all day.

Tuesday MW Men – Hosting Carterton (rescheduled from last Tuesday) plus Stalwart Shield Round 2.

Wednesday MW Women – Fay Jones Trophy (Stableford).

Thursday MW Men hosting Manor Park.

Easter Weekend:

Good Friday – Easter Monday – you have Twos and Stableford competitions set up for the long weekend.

Thanks to Allan Old for fixing the nets and cleaning up around the net area. You are AWESOME!!

Everyone have a great weekend, and if travelling at Easter time – travel saftely.

Regards Sonia

Te Marua Golf Club

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Morning everyone,

Weather not so bad as predicted up here today, we have Division 7,2 and Mary Alward playing, teeing off #1 from 8.00am to 10.10am, the course is available the rest of the day.

As a lot of you have noticed already we have some truck marks around by the #16, there is some work being done to the river which will benefit the club immensely when completed, so I ask for your consideration.

Membership cards have now arrived please pick up from the office.

Roaring Forties in the process of getting the broken trellis outside the shop measured and replaced this week. (thanks to Vance Plumridge). We are just waiting for our flag poles to be resituated to put up new flags.

Winner of the $50.00 this week was Jose Cooper – congratulations

Well some of you had better come and practise before the final of Strokeplay Championship on the 9th April. Results so far are:-


Leigeon Tumataroa 230

James Waluszewski 238

Allan Fayen 239

Norm Muir 241

Clinton Codyre 243

Dave Workman 243

Jason McKenzie 244

Warwick Evans 249


Paul Henley 254

Kevin Gill 262

Jim Walsh 262

Lance Davies 265

Dean Alexander 268

Kevin Smith 274

Brian Cockburn 278

Dion Codyre 286


Mick Dearner 273

Braden Lister 279

Brett Keno 280

Dave Anderson 283

Reg Caldow 288

Pat Williams 289

Michael Baines 292

Kevin Keown 298.

Good luck to everyone for the final round on the 9th April, please remember if you have not paid your subs, you will be disqualified from all Club Competitions. So please make sure all outstanding subs are paid this week.

Other Events coming up:

On the Monday 27th March we are hosting the Mary Penrose Salver, which consists of four Interclub Teams for the Ladies, you can book on line for tee time.

We have the Halberg Trust Day on Sunday 2nd April. , where the Men play for the Jim Parkin Cup, and the Women play for the Lil Parkin Cup, these competitions are both Stableford, set up automatically. The Halberg Trust Day is a charity organization which was founded by Olympic Champion Sir Murray Halberg in 1963, their mission is to enhance the lives of physically disabled New Zealanders by enabling them to participate in sports and recreation. I am sure you will all enter this competition set up as HALBERG DAY when printing your cards on Sunday for $10.00, to contribute to help change the lives of physically disabled New Zelanders. All $10.00 entries go in for several separate draws for Men’s and Women’s prizes drawn on the day.

This Friday 31st March we are hosting the Diplomats and Defence, they tee off at 12.30pm on #1, #10, and #14. If you are playing golf in the morning please make sure you are off the course before 12.30pm. Lunchtime Group you are booked in before they tee off. All other members you are more than welcome to come up in the afternoon, but check in at the office and staff will let you know where to tee off from so you do get in the middle of their tournament.

This Thursday 30th March the course is closed. We are hosting the Evergreens, shotgun start, at 9.00am. Please Ring the Office in the afternoon if wanting a game and staff will let you know about what time you can tee off.


Teams Twilight is now finished – the six rounds were enjoyed tremendously by all teams the winning 2017 team this year was Chemically Enhanced.

What’s on this Week for members:

Sunday 26th March Golfer of the Year Rd2 for the Men

Tuesday 28th March we have MW Men plus 9 Holes Stableford Round 3.

Wednesday 29th March we have MW Women Playing Nancy MacCormick Foursomes.

Everyone have a great weekend.

Regards Sonia

Te Marua Golf Club

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Morning Everyone,

Beautiful up here today, a great day for the St Paddy’s Tournament.

Hopefully the weather will be much better this weekend than last weekend.

Winner of the $50.00 was Jose Cooper – congratulations.

What’s on this month:

Monday March 20th Wellington Lady Golf Veterans play at Boulcott’s Farm.

Monday 20th March Men’s Wellington Seniors Golf play at Karori.

Saturday 25th March Interclub Division 2, 7, plus Mary Alward/Tuakana at Te Marua.

Monday 27th March Mary Penrose Salver at Te Marua for the Women.

Thursday 30th March Evergreens at Te Marua for the Men.

Friday 31st March Diplomats V Defence at Te Marua at 12.30pm.

Club Events:

Sunday 19th March Strokeplay Championship Rd 3, Mayer & Kean Cup Rd3, Bolt Cup Rd1, Don Hazlett Trophy Rd3 M/P Qualifying Rd1 for the Men. Strokeplay Championships Rd2 for the


Wednesday 22nd March Strokeplay Championships Rd2. National Teams Event – Net Medal for the Women.

Sunday 26th March Golfer of the Year Rd2 for the Men.

Wednesday 29th March Nancy MacCormick Foursomes for the Women.

What’s on this Week:

Saturday – Division 5 & 7 teeing off #1 at 8.00am.

Sunday – Club Day.

Monday – course available.

Tuesday – MW Men, 9 hole Stableford R3.

Wednesday – MW Women.

Thursday – MW Men.

Friday – course available.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

Regards Sonia

Te Marua Golf Club

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Course Status


Te Marua Golf Club


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From: Te Marua Golf Club []
Sent: Saturday, 11 March 2017 1:44 p.m.
To: ‘’
Subject: Course Status

Hello everyone

As you will be well aware, the weather today, Saturday 11th March, has been very very wet. Two of the 3 interclub teams matches were abandoned because the greens became unplayable.

The forecast for tomorrow (Sunday 12th ) is not much better so there is a high likelihood that the course / greens may remain unplayable.

Greens are defined as unplayable when there are no places where you can take line-of-putt relief from water pooling on the green’s surface.

At this moment, we are still open tomorrow, but if the rain continues overnight we may need to close the course.

If it is raining tomorrow and you still want to play, please call us before you make the trip (so that you don’t get here to find the course has been closed).

If we do need to close the course, we will send out an e-mail to that effect and soon also update the TMGC website Course Status


Te Marua Golf Club

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