2021 Te Marua Masters No 43

Day 4 – the last dance

Highlights- another beautiful day on a well presented course. Owen Lloyd and Darae Chung both won their 3rd Masters in a row. Owen by 2 shots from Adam Church, and Darae from Erika Cui in the Women’s. Hayden Williams backed up his good round from day 3 to win the Intermediate men ahead of Mel Phillips and Mal Wellington held onto the Juniors from Roger Gee. Audrey Messenger took out the Women’s bronze division, again. Thanks to Damon Jakeman from Pak n Save for his sponsorship of the tournament and the hole in one prize.

Damon Jakeman- Sponsor, Owen Lloyd, Hayden Williams, Mal Wellington, Darae Chung, Audrey Messenger, Kim Abrahams TMGC President

Day 3 – Moving day

Highlights- A beautiful day but not much moving. Sam Mclean did get a hole in one to collect a $1000 prize. Another $1000 up for grabs tomorrow. Best gross of the day was Joshua Cumpstone from Judgeford who shot a 68, followed by Hayden Williams from Te Marua who shot 70 but is in the Intermediates and now leads. Mal Wellington backed up his ripper on the first day with another 84 and leads the Junior men by 8.

Darae Chung has a 7 shot lead over Mia Scrimgeour in the Women’s Silver and Audrey Messenger is 12 shots clear in the Women’s Bronze division.

The forecast for the last day is good and the course should dry out some more.

Senior Men (up to 10.4)

Owen Lloyd is still leading with another 73 (146) from Anthony Ilton Maher 71 and Adam Church 74 now both on 147. Ben Duflou shot 72 to move into fourth on 148 and John Potts 73 (149). Kane Lloyd found some magic for a 72 to move into sixth equal with Zane Wilkins both on 152. Joshua Cumpstone’s 68 moved him into 8th equal with Brent Walton 77 on 153. James Omundsen 77 and Corey Clark 80 are tenth equal on 155. This is going to be a great contest on the last day.

Women’s Silver

Darae Chung 74 for 144 holds a 7 shot lead over Nia Scrimgeour and looks likley to win her 3rd Masters in a row. Mia72 for 151 has a 6 shot lead over Erika Cui 80 (157). Phillipa Kirk 78 (159) and Teisa Vaka 83 (162) complete the top 5.

Intermediate Men

Hayden Williams (70) shot the 2nd best round of the day overall, and leapt in to the lead on 162. Mel Phillips shot 84 to sit in 2nd on 164. John Son’s 84 (167) moves him into 3rd. Robert Lopez 80 (168 ) keeps him one shot ahead of Tiri Subritzky 87 (169). Darcy Kahui 82, Dean Alexander 84 and Allan Old 89 are 6th equal on 170. Stuart Watt 82 Craig Maher 85 and Chris Hislop 88 are 9th equal on 171. Mel Phillips, John Son and Robert Lopez have been consistent but Hayden Williams 70 was a show stopper.

Junior Men

Mal Wellington was not unhappy that day 2 got cancelled. He shot 84 today to sit on 168 with an 8 shot lead into the last day. Ray Kahui 90 for 176 sits in 2nd. 3rd equal are Stephen Quinn 86 and Roger Gee 90 on 178. Stephen is one of the Mad Golfer scooter gang having got one of the cool scooter trikes for his 70th birthday. Jason Robinson 89 and Jim Walsh 91 are 5th equal on 179. Gary Johnson 91 on 185 is 2 shots ahead of John Grant 91 (187). Alex Walters in his 43rd Masters , yes that is every one, is 8th on 189. Andrew Black and Murray Quinn on 190 are 10th equal. Murray is also in the Mad Scooter gang.

the dream the reality

Day 2 Cancelled due to consistent rain and ponding on the grrens.

Day 1

Spring is sprung , the grass is ris, I wonder where the birdies is. Not too many out there today as everyone learns the bounce and the breaks and tomorrow it will all be different.

Senior men (up to 10.4)

Owen Lloyd has started well in the defence of his title and is in with a 73 along with Adam Church from Judgeford. Corey Clark put in a 75 and then there are four on 76. Ben Duflou , Brent Walton , Anthony Ilton-Maher and John Potts. Zane Wilkins and Allan Fayen on 77 and James Omundsen, Gareth Mcguigan and Warwick Evans on 78 in 10th equal.

Women’s divisions

Darae Chung is off to a great start with a 70 , seven shots clear of Erika Cui. Mia Scrimgeour and Teisa Vaka are 3rd equal on 79 and Phillipa Kirk shot 81.

Audrey Messenger with 93 leads the Bronze division from Dale Fayen.

Intermediate Men (10.5 to 16.1)

Mel Phillips is off to a good start with an 80 followed by Allan Old on 81. Anthony Jefferson and Tiri Subritzky on 82 in third equal. Brian Singh, John Son and Chris Hislop on 83 and then John Ruxton on 84. Wayne Schindler, Steven Croft and Patrick O’Callaghan are 9th equal on 85.

Junior men (16.2 to 29.4)

Malcolm Wellington ripped one and shot 84. Ray Kahui 86 and Murray Quinn 87. In fourth equal Roger Gee and Jim Walsh on 88. Jason Robinson and Andrew Black in sixth on 90 followed by Michael Hinton on 91. Stephen Quinn and Jeff Haigh complete the top ten on 92.


Senior men (up to 10.4)

Owen Lloyd is back to defend his title, Can he make it 3 in row. This is his home track and he is very good. Adam Church is coming and Antony Ilton -Maher. Cruize Waiwatai has been here before and Dominic Hazeldine started his golf here. John Schaafausen is always a contender and Josh Cumpstone and Nick McLure know their way around Te Marua as well. Dion Bennet is always fun to have around and Zane Wilkins lives just around the corner and won the Trentham Open in November.


Darae Chung is back to defend her title and Erika Cui is here before she heads off to the United States. Charlotte Gillespie along with Darae and Erika were in the team that recently won the NZ provincial championship so we are truly honoured to have them here. Mia Scrimgeour and Amy Li complete the top 5. The bronze division will be the usual fight between Audrey Messenger, Dale Fayen and Ange Walsh, last years winner.

Intermediate Men (10.5 to 16.1)

This is a busy class with a strong local content. Kirk Stewart is the Te Marua Intermediate Club Champion for the last two years and heads the rankings. Hayden Williams has been seen on the practice fairway and Chris Brooks, the Te Marua Club Captain is very solid. Next in the rankings is Robert Lopez and Craig Maher trying to get an away win. Then locals, Tiri Subritzky , Mel Philips and Chris Hislop are keen to keep the trophy here. Rounding out the top ten is Stuart Watt and Stephen Pigou.

Junior Men (16.2 to 29.4 max)

This is a misnomer. There is some serious golfing experience in this grade. Top seed is Roy Kahui followed by Steve Needham. Mal Wellington , Les Solomona , Jason Robinson and Michael Hilton slot in next. Now it gets serious, Local members , Steve Quinn (happy 70th birthday), Murray Quinn, Jim Walsh must have played thousands of rounds between them. Bill Sinclair completes the top 10.

We will update daily and some of the above may prove to be incorrect as handicaps change daily now. We will be fixing the handicaps for the tournament as at the 25th December 2021.

Day 1 draw


One $1000 hole in one prize each day.

 Maximum Handicap Index    Men:  29.4    Women:  40.4

(Day 1 Index determines Division)
Men Women
H/C index range up to 10.410.5 to 16.116.2 to 29.4up 18.418.5 to 40.4
Playing H/C Rangeup to 1011 – 1617 – 30up to 1717-39