#1 – Waterloo

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Blue Tees 391m,      White 378m,       Yellow 311m

Who are the Champions ?

View from the blue/white tee block
The #1 Hazard on the #1 Hole !
Should you need it the  drop zone  is on the other side of the river,
just off the right hand side of the picture, next to the yellow tee.


This is a dog leg hole to the left.  If you’re really good and can hit 200m , aim at the totara on the left. That leaves you about 135m out with a good look at the green. If you are short of that then you will need to hit a draw or a high shot over the totaras on the left.  If you are quite good, then anywhere left of the pines on the right will leave you between 150-190m to the green. This is the number 1 stroke hole so a 5 is good. If you are just good then right of the pines is ok. A 6 is good too with 2 shots. If you cant hit 150m off the tee then the drop zone or yellow tee block is on the other side of the river. You choose which.

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This should be the view to the green for your 2nd shot, or your 3rd.