#18 – Totara

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A view down sometimes challenging Par 4 #18, heading back toward the Club House, where everyone is welcome.

Depending on how far back on the tee-blocks are placed, the large trees on the right side of the tee-block…..fairway can get in your way.

This hole is perfect for a right-hander who owns a gentle fade (or not too vicious slice). And similarly, it is also perfect with a beautiful draw-short which curves from the left gently to the right.

A mown shallow gully (that you have to walk through rather than step over) runs across the full width of the fairway about 50m from the centre of a very large rolling and sloped green.

Endeavour to put your ball close to the flag because one thing not generally advised is leaving your ball too close to the Club House – down-hill slopes can be challenging.

Welcome to Te Marua Golf Club – We trust you enjoyed your round. Be sure to utilise the Club House where refreshments are available for purchase