Masters Champions

The Te Marua Masters was started in 1979 and is a four day event. The Masters Championship is awarded for the lowest gross score in each grade.

The Champions each receive a Blue Jacket  in true “Masters” tradition.

Only Alex Walters has played in every Masters tournament so far with wins in the Intermediates in 1984, 1987, 1990 and wins in the Juniors in 2005 and 2008 and 2010 and most recently, 2015.

Year Men’s
2016 M. Trass K. Martin J. Grant H. Park K. Baines
2015 P. Spearman-Burn K. Martin A. Walters L. Edgar A. Messenger
2014 D. Hillier W. Turner B. Redmond J. Hewett Z. Hu
2013 D. Hillier R. Witana C. Hislop L. Edgar C. Doughty
2012 M. Trass V. Sione M. Williams G. Carter-Omundsen A. Messenger
2011 L. Tumataroa V. Sione J. Cooper K. Rangihaeata G. Carter-Omundsen
2010 H. Puha W. Turner A.Walters E. Rota A. Messenger
2009 H. Puha A. Fayen S.Stone J. Cox K. Baines
2008 H. Puha N. Messenger A. Walters J. Cox A. Messenger
2007 H. Puha L Vitale R. Whanau A. Braybrook G. Waight
2006 C. Chung W. Williams A. Gates A. Braybrook A. Messenger
2005 M. Payne P. Gallen A. Walter J. Cox I. Benjes
2004 D. Amos W. Williams L. Vitilio J. Cox V. Reynolds
2003 A. Leech G. Somerville T Flynn M. Lewis A. Messenger
2002 D. Render L. O’Sullivan S O’Sullivan J. Cox A. Walker
2001 W. O’Riley T. Hohaia T Penrose J. Cox L. Waitoa
2000 B. Stuart M. H-Kim J. Harris M. Lewis H. Smith
1999 B. Hughes D. Amos S. O’Sullivan J. Cox A. Messenger
1998 C. Wilkins W. Masons B. Owen J. Cox C. Mason
1997 N. Birch B. Kirkwood G. Greer M. Lewis A. Messenger
1996 B. Colbert T. Carter M. Barrott C. Scaife D. Bray
1995 D. Render R. Greer L. Brown E. Ash I. Knapp
1994 B. Hughes R. Eadie J. Green R. Silverskiold G. Waikari
1993 B. Broker M. McGibbon T Workman C. Broker J. Whitaker
1992 B. Colbert G. Brown N. Wareham D. Seiringer C. Scaife
1991 B. Broker V. Hewson S Thomas D. Seiringer D. Fayen
1990 B. Broker A. Walters E. Tombs D. Seiringer V. Beazley
1989 B. Broker V. Hewson N. Messenger D. Seiringer H. Kemp
1988 B. Hicks D. Roper D. Fahey D. Seiringer S. Cole
1987 B. Broker A. Walters J. Mahuri M. Peard H. Kemp
1986 B. Hughes S. Wellington W. Priestly T. Willis S. Cole
1985 B. Hughes M. Carajannis H. McGowan T. Hanson P. Barnetson
1984 B. Colbert A. Walters A. Paris M. Heard S. Criddle
1983 B. Broker J. Cunniffe J. Mahuri D. Seirenger  
1982 B. Player P. O’Sullivan D. Seirenger M. Adgo  
1981 B. Player J. Cuniffe A. Good D. Seirenger J. Murphy
1980 B Player N Ellery J Mahuri D. Seirenger  
1979 R Scarlett B Rapley B Owen M Ellis J. Murphy