Morning everyone,


Thanks to Ivan McColl for fixing the trundlers for us – you are AWESOME!!!!

Winner of the Weekend Shootout final for the Men was Wayne Turner, runner-up Clinton Codyre. – Congratulations Guys!! Plus we can’t forget who was ELIMINATED on the 1st Hole – Drum Roll!!! And that would be MALCOLM WELLINGTON.!!!!

Winner of the Weekend Shootout final for the Women was Mary Penrose. Runner-up was Amie Clisby – Congratulations Ladies!!

Awesome Result from our Ladies Champion of Champions played on Sunday Amie Clisby was Runner-up in the Net. A great result Amie – Te Marua Club is proud of you!!!!

Have you registered for the Clinic on the new Golfing Rules on Tuesday 4th December at 7.00pm in the Clubrooms??? It might be to your advantage to come along – it is a 90 minutes session on the new rules, plus it was save you reading the BOOK on them, and maybe save some disputes when playing golf. These rules come into effect in January 2019.

Have you registered for the MASTERS?? I need your registration to add you to the draw on the website. If you have not paid yet please do so over the next couple of weeks. Only 27 more days to go.

Thanks to Allan Old for emptying the bins again – It is very much appreciated.

Congratulations must also go to the Green-keepers – we have had a lot of praise on how beautiful our greens are!! I know after speaking to Dave Sully that there is still a lot of work to do but it is great to know visitors appreciate our beautiful course!!! Sometimes I think you should too!!! we don’t do too bad with 2 green-keepers plus 2 part timers doing so much work do we???

Golfer of the Year is on this Sunday – Steve Dearns has been added to the elite list of competitors after being notified by Michael Burrowes that he is away that weekend. Don’t forget you all have been pre-registered – so don’t have to do anything – but play good golf.

Who will be the GOLFER OF THE YEAR FOR 2018!! Who will be the first person to buy him a pint of beer!!

Congratulation’s to Steve Dearns who just got a hole in 1 on #2 today, sadly it can’t be counted officially as his group of four were playing a Ambrose competition.

What’s on this Week:

Saturday – course available

Sunday – Golfer of the year for the Men – Last day of Weekend Eclectics for the Women.

Monday – Course open – Office/Shop closed.

Tuesday – MW Men.

Wednesday- MW Women

Thursday – MW Men

Friday – Hosting Group at 10, 2 tee start

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

Regards Sonia


Good Afternoon everyone,

Again welcome to all our Featherston Golfers, I have just finished setting you all up in Golf Manager and Dot golf – so when you are in next please ask office staff what your membership number is, I am positive all members and staff will make you feel very welcome to our Awesome club and please do not hesitate to ask the office staff if you have any queries.

Good Luck to Amie Clisby, Kim Abrahams and Faye Turner who are representing Te Marua in the Champion of Champion’s at Karori on Sunday 25th November.

The men’s Champion of Champions team has been confirmed and representing us will be Senior Zane Wilkins, Intermediate Allan Old and Junior Tony Claasen playing at Miramar on Sunday 9th December.

Good Luck to the finalists in the Women’s Shootout they will be playing on Saturday 24th November teeing off 11.00am at number #3 tee and finishing up on #9. Kim Abrahams leads the board for the year on 388, then we have Kerry Baines 373, Faye Turner 372, Amie Clisby 372, Carole Medway 369, Lina Worthing 367, Mary Penrose 364, Joanne Carson 345. Good Luck Ladies!!!

Good Luck to the finalist in the Men’s Shootout the results look pretty much the same as last week so leading the board ended up being Sam Iraia on 402, second was Steve Dearns 398 then we had Malcolm Wellington 392, Robert McIntyre 392, Roger Gee 390, Meka Boynton 389, Michael Baines 388, Greg Judd 388, Gregory Idour 387, Chris Hislop 387, Con Rogers 385, Clinton Codyre 384, Noel Kahui 384, Brett Keno 383, Chas Evans 382, Dean Alexander 382, Dave Topp 380, Tiri Subritsky 379, and lucky last Peter Gallen 19th, we have Wayne Turner also qualifying with the withdrawal of Brett Keno. Now we get to sort out the men from the boys and see who drops off first, second and so on Let the fun begin!!! Good Luck to you all!!!

IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO PLAY PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! 7 of you have not confirmed you are playing!!!!

The Golfer of the year finalists have now been confirmed, the last three to make the cut were Greg Judd, Craig Wilkins and Michael Burrowes, Sam Haley also makes the cut as a member is unable to play. I have already registered all finalists for the Finals on the 2nd December, so it will be an automatic entry for you on the day, the competition is Nett Medal. Any one on the list below unable to play please let me know and the next member on the list can play

Yesterday 15 Mid-Week men made their way to Levin Golf Club in very testing wet weather conditions. They decided to play 9 holes and pack it in if the rain got heavier, but the weather gods were on their side and after 9 holes the rain stopped and the sun appeared, so 18 holes were completed. They play on a home and away bases and as this was the first leg with the second leg to be played at Te Marua on February 21st.

Some notable scores among the Team were Peter Stone and Wayne Turner with 40 Stableford.points, Pat Williams 39 and Alex Ross with 37. Overall result was Te Marua 32.8 and Levin with 35.27, however, it was a great day of rivalry and they were well looked after by their hosts. The fairways and greens were in excellent condition. So close Guys!!!!




Congratulations, YOU are a FINALIST.

Finalists qualified by being in top 3 places of competition on specified Sundays in 2018"

Mick Dearmer Alex Ross

Wayne Turner Pat Williams

Gregory Idour Ron Roberts

Clinton Codyre Brian Cockburn

Noel Kahui Dave Workman

Sam Haley Finley Pope

Sam Iraia Meka Boynton

Chas Evans Jeff Rigby

Paul Hammond Brett Keno

Michael Baines Fernando Williams

Dave Anderson Luigi Pailman

Allan Fayen Craig Wilkins

Tony Birtwistle Grey Judd

Michael Burrowes

"If YOU win the Golfer of the Year Final (by being the player with the best NETT score on 2nd December (on countback if required) you will be awarded:

The right, over the period of Opening Day 2019 to Closing Day 2019, to ask, politely and respectfully, any MALE club member of legal drinking age present in the lounge upstairs in the Clubhouse to buy you a pint of beer from the bar. Only beer, only a pint (or less). Most IMPORTANTLY, you can only ask a person once during the above period. If you ask the same person more than once and that person bought you a beer when asked on a previous occasion, then YOU must buy HIM a beer !


(Note: Underage persons will be restricted to non-alcoholic drinks)"

AGM ON Monday 3rd Decembert!!!

Have you registered for the Masters????

The Mid-Week men had their Shootout Final on Tuesday 20th November, the weather wasn’t too bad with a little bit of rain but no wind and guess what? The SUN came out after the last hole was completed.

Clive Dunstan won the event, Runner-Up was Lloyd Moore, 3rd Alex Ross, 4th Dave Edhouse, 5th Peter Stone – Congratulations to all participants and a big Thank You goes to Alastair Corbett for overseeing the day, Jeff Rigby who organised the prizes and Kevin Keown for organising the paper work throughout the year.

Winner of the 2018 Austad Cup played on Sunday 11th and 18th November was Dave Workman, Runner-up Fernando Williams – Congratulations!!!

Twilight Golf finally got round 2 in last Thursday. First place goes to The Farmers with 57 points and second was Herrick Hero’s with 54, Individual best Stableford was Andrew Herrick 24, (Hayden Schrivers got 26 but took out the team prize)

The Midweek Ladies held their annual shootout on 7th November. We had a strong field of 14 Ladies and the competition was well fought. After a few putt/chip offs during the round the final came down to a finale between Kim Abrahams and Ange Walsh, with Ange making her putt to win the shootout. Congratulations Ange!!!!

The Annual General Meeting was held on 14th November. Mary Penrose stepped down as Mid-Week Ladies Captain after many years either as Captain or serving on the committee. Mary is a valuable member of the Mid-Week Ladies, her knowledge and organisation of the many events over the years has been outstanding. The new committee for 2019 is Ange Walsh/Kim Abrahams – MId Week Ladies Captains, Erica Woods – Secretary, Trish Honey – Treasurer, & Committee – Chrissy Doughty, Joanne Carson & Carole Medway.

The Combined Midweek/Weekend Ladies closing day and end of year dinner will be held on 5 December at Marie & Grahams house at 6 pm. Please put your name on the list on the notice board if you would like to attend.

What’s on this week:

Saturday – Shootout Final for Men and Women.

Sunday – Club Day.

Monday Course Open – Office closed.

Tuesday – MW Men.

Wednesday – MW Women.

Thursday – MW Men & Twilight Golf.

Friday – Course Available.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

Regards Sonia


Afternoon Everyone,

The Te Marua Ladies had good results in the Twin Club Challenge on the 8th and 9th November, in the 2 day Stableford Kerry Baines won Division 1 and the $500 Prodrive Voucher, Amie Clisby was runner-up Awesome Ladies!!!

In Division 2 Faye Turner was 3rd and Mary Penrose 4th – Excellent effort!!!

Kerry Baines and Chrissy Doughty were runners-up on the 2BBB and Amie Clisby and Kim Abrahams were 4th – Awesome!!! Despite the weather a great time of golfing was had by all participants.

All Te Marua Women members are invited to their Annual Dinner and Prize Giving on the 5th December at 6.00pm, venue will be at Grahame and Maree’s – 79 Cruickshank Road, cost is $20.00. Please put your name on the list in the women’s changing room notice board.

If any Women club members have trophies please drop them into the office/shop.

The three men golfers that made the cut for golfer of the year finalist on Sunday were Brett Keno, Fernando Williams, and Luigi Pailman. The last opportunity for men to make the final cut will be this Sunday.

Winners of the $50.00 raffle was Steve Heller and Kerry Baines.

I am still waiting for confirmation of Champion of Champions – Thanks to Amie, Kim and Allan.

Last weekend to make the cut for the Shootout!!!

Have you registered for the Masters???

Winner of the Arthur Avis Memorial played on Sunday 4th November was Brett Keno/Keith Morris 48, 2nd Fernando Williams/Luigi Pailman 46, 3rd Mel Phillips/Malcolm Wellington 46, 4th Carole Medway/Theresa Scholey, 5th Amie Clisby/Kim Abraham, 6th Chris Hislop/Allan Old, 7th Owen Frost/Mark Harper, 8th Murray Quinn/Stephen Quinn, 9th Dave Anderson/Greg Judd and 10th Wayne Bach/Pat Williams – Congratulation to all participants.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Sam Rammell, Russell, Jonathan Nippert, Damon Jakeman, Owen Lloyd, John Gallagher Chad Johnston, Kayle Adams, plus members from Featherston Golf Club Adrian and Sharon Ash, Stephen and Debby Morgan, Norman Ellis, Brent Leader, Patrick Melaugh, Charlie Priestely, Alex Walters, Tai Walters, I am sure our members and staff will make you feel very welcome to our AWESOME club.

What’s on this week:

Saturday – course available for play.

Sunday – Club Day Austad Cup round 2, golfer of the year Rd 9.

Monday – course available office/shop closed for the day.

Tuesday – Mid-Week men’s shootout Final, teeing off #1 at 10.00am.

Wednesday – Mid –Week Women .

Thursday – MW- Men travel to Levin.

Friday – Group Booking at 11.00am – teeing off #1 and #10 – Limited Tee times.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.


Morning everyone,

Can’t believe this weather fine one week, raining and cold the next!!

Te Marua Ladies hosted and played in the Twin Challenge yesterday the weather was beautiful with the odd shower but the wind was bitter. Thanks to Gail for entering all the score cards, Trish, Robyn and Pat for helping out upstairs, plus Carol for taking the photo’s – the ladies would also like to thank the caterer’s for a wonderful meal as usual – you are all AWESOME!!!!

They appreciated all the support in their $5.00 raffle for $100 CASH and the winning number was 21 Alex Walters – congratulations.

Please take note the Shop/office will be shut on Monday 12th, 19th, 26th, 31st November and 3rd December – Di is away overseas – we all wish her a wonderful and safe holiday.

We have not had much luck with Twilight the last couple of Thursday’s, 2nd round was cancelled and played last night then it just poured down with rain, hopefully the coming weeks the weather will improve, to get some decent scores and points on the board.

2018 Men’s Champion of Champions is being played at Miramar Golf Club on Sunday 9th December I will contact the club winners this week for confirmation of attendance.

2018 Women’s Champion of Champions and NZG Gross Stableford Rosebowl will be played at Karori Golf Club on Sunday 25th November – thanks to Amie and Kim’s confirmation, just waiting for Faye’s.

Have you registered for the 2018 Te Marua Masters???

Have you registered your interest for 2019 Interclub??? Is your name on the registration form????

If you are waiting for your membership card please check in the shop/office to see if your card has arrived.

Shootout Final is on Saturday 24th November for Men and Women. I have a group booked in at 7.30 teeing off #1.

Annual General Meeting is on Monday 3rd December at 8.00pm.

What’s on this week:-

Saturday – Interclub Trials at 8.00am.

Sunday – Club Day – Austad Cup Round 1 – Golfer of the Year R8 for the men.

Monday – shop/office closed – course open.

Tuesday -MW Men.

Wednesday – MW Women AGM at 9.00am.

Thursday – MW Men Shootout Final – Business House Round 2.

Friday – course available all day.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

Regards Sonia


Afternoon everyone,

Winners of the $50.00 raffle were Colin Cowden and Mark Harper. – Congratulations

At the moment in the shop we have the Women’s Twin Challenge Tournament raffle for a CASH prize of $100.00 – $5.00 a ticket – 50 tickets only.

Are you playing in the 2018 Masters? Have you registered??

Business House Twilight was rained off last night, the results from the first week are 1st Mrs Lloyds Boys 64, 2nd Bad Girls 58, 1st Individual Jason from Loose Screws 20, 2nd Geoff from Black Tees 20. Hopefully the weather will improve to play round 2 on Thursday.

On Sunday 4th November members will be playing for the Arthur Avis Memorial Trophy – This Mixed Competition is a Better Ball Stableford, mixed or non-mixed pairs playing in 1 competition. It is a lot of fun, you and your partner may, if you wish, play in different groups. When you come in on Sunday you put your name and partners name on the entry form in the shop, if you don’t have a partner don’t worry just put your name down and a partner will be added for you, each member pays $2.50 each ($5.00 for the pair), you can also play in the shop competitions of the day. The fun is if you play bad on a hole hopefully your partner will save you!!!!


On Sunday 11th November and Sunday 18th November the Men will be playing for the Austad Cup – this is a PAR competition over 2 x 18 hole rounds on separate days, plus you will be playing for the Golfer of the Year round 8 and 9, where we will have our final 6 competitors for this event. WILL IT BE YOU!!!!

(18-hole Nett Event)
Congratulations, YOU are a FINALIST.
Finalists qualified by being in top 3 places of competition on specified Sundays in 2018
Mick Dearmer Alex Ross
Wayne Turner Pat Williams
Gregory Idour Ron Roberts
Clinton Codyre Brian Cockburn
Noel Kahui Dave Workman
John West Finley Pope
Sam Iraia Meka Boynton
Chas Evans Jeff Rigby
Paul Hammond
Michael Baines
Dave Anderson
Allan Fayen
Tony Birtwistle

If you cannot play please let me know so the next member on the cut off list can play.

Will you make the cut in the Shootout??? It is a battle for the top of the table with Sam Iraia on 402 and Steve Dearns on 398 followed by Robert McIntrye 391 and Roger Gee closely behind on 390. Remember only the top 19 make the cut, and again it will be a battle on who is sitting around that 19th mark. Brett Keno is 19th on 370 but biting at his heels are Wayne Turner 369 and Jose Cooper 368. ONLY 3 WEEKENDS TO GO!!!!!

Course looks beautiful – Awesome work green-keepers!!!

What’s on this week:

Saturday – course available all day.

Sunday – Club Day – Arthur Avis Memorial

Monday – course available

Tuesday – MW Men

Wednesday – MW Women LGI, Putts.

Thursday – Course Closed – Twin Club Challenge – Business House Twilight

Friday – Please check with office or website to see if course is Open or Shut for the day. (still waiting for numbers on a group booking)

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.



Morning everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend.

Winner of the $50.00 raffle was ME (Yay) and Lorraine Penny – Congratulations to us both!!!

Very busy day tomorrow – we are hosting three groups of golfers if you come up for a game and have not booked – BREATHE– I will smile – try to fit you in – if I can’t you will have to come back after lunch for a game!!!

We have lost a Junior set of clubs – Has anyone loaned them and forgotten to return to the shop????

We have Interclub Trails on Saturday 10th November – I have put up a registration form on the notice board for previous and new members who would like to play.

Please take note Dot Golf has updated new software on the system, so any group bookings that I put into the system during the year or even for 2019, if you have a recurring booking and I have opened up the start sheet to add a group in, you will get a reminder for your recurring booking on that Sunday.

9 Hole Business house Twilight started last night, we have eleven teams and they were all excited to start their first round, I imagine they would have been a bit wet when they finished but enjoyed their hot meal and an ale or two.

Please remember we have Twilight Golf for the next six weeks every Thursday from 5 to 6. The draw is always up on the board about 3.30pm, so if wanting to come up for a game you can check what tees they are going off

so you can play your game around them.

The November programme is a very busy month, with club trophies and group bookings, so please read your programme book plus your regular newsletter so you know what is going on in your club. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new members and previous summer members. Please do not hesitate to contact the office if needing any information we are more than happy to help.


Sunday 4th November – Arthur Avis Memorial for Men and Women.

Saturday 10th November Interclub Trails for the Men.

Sunday 11th November Austad Cup Round 1 plus Golfer of the Year round 8 for the Men.

Wednesday 14th November Women’s AGM.

Thursday 15th November Midweek Men’s Shootout Final.

Sunday 18th November Austad Cup Round 2 plus Golfer of the Year Rd 9 for the men.

Saturday 24th November Shootout Finals for Men and Women.

Wednesday 28th November Last Day for Eclectrics and Gobbler for the Women.


Saturday 27th October 3 group bookings.

Friday 2nd November Group of 20 at 11.00am.

Tuesday 6th November Group of 20 – 9 hole Ladies at 11.00am.

Thursday 8th November course closed for Judgeford and Te Marua Ladies.

Friday 9th November course closed for private booking.

Friday 23rd November ENZED Group Booking at 11.00 using #1 and #10.

Golfer of the Year final is on Sunday 2nd December – I will do an up to date list over the weekend and put on the notice board who will be playing before the final two rounds, please let me know if you are unable to play if your name is on the list.

CLOSING DAY – GETHING TROPHY – Just wondering if you all would like a get together like last year – (maybe not so many raffles this time haha) – just flick me an e-mail YES OR NO or let me know this weekend.

Please check dot golf to check tee times, if wanting to play for the next couple of months I suggest you book yourself in during the WEEK because it will only start to get busier and we have already many more small groups booked in during the next couple of months.

SHERWIN CONSTRUCTION LIMITED MASTERS IS NOW OPEN FOR REGISTRATIONS!!!! Just a nice reminder for the members that have registered already please make payment as soon as you can we don’t want to be chasing payments in December when we are busy.

Sadly ex Member George Criddle passed away last week, I think he deserves a mention in the blob as I always remember him and his curtain shop in Upper Hutt, he joined our club in 1975 followed by his wife Maelene in 1978 who resigned in 2015, not sure when George left but I always remember him as a lovely man – our condolence go to his family.

Everyone have a fabulous weekend.

Regards Sonia


Afternoon Everyone,

Beautiful up here today, and the course is recovering nicely from coring.

Winners of the Venison are Amie Clisby and Ian Sherwin. – Congratulations



On Saturday 27th October tee times are very limited as we are hosting three groups of golfers, please ensure you have picked up your bonus cards if wanting to play elsewhere, there are a few tee times available in the morning, and clear from 12 O’clock at the moment. Also note that we open at 8.30 in the morning to accommodate the group teeing off #1, #10, and #14. You are more than welcome to tee off earlier for a quick 9, or if playing 18 make sure you are through before the 9.30 group tee off.

Please take note that in your 2018 programme book it states that the Men’s Veterans are playing here on Monday 29th October this is a MISPRINT so the course will be open to all members and visitors.

I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend, if traveling be safe, if playing golf enjoy the awesome weather, company and game.

Regards Sonia