39th Te Marua Masters, 27th-30th December, 2017


Women – All Divisions      Gross          Net Medal

Men – All Divisions            Gross          Net Medal

Daily Stableford  – Women       R1       R2      R3       R4

–  Men           R1       R2      R3       R4

2017 Prize Distribution was based on 1 prize per player, prizes ranked by importance within Division, but allowing Gross, Net Medal and Stableford prizewinners to also win the  Long Drive and/or Nearest the Pin for their Division.

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2017 Te Marua Masters – Event Overview (Printable)


2017 Te Marua Masters Competitions and Conditions

Reference to The Rules herein means “The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews RULES of GOLF”.

 Competitions, all in handicap divisions (see below), are:

o 72-hole Gross & Nett and daily Stableford
o Novelty prizes (Long Drive, Nearest the Pin etc) over all 4 days plus Day 4 only
o Maximum of one prize per eligible player, except for novelty prizes

You must play out every hole to participate in the 72-Hole Gross and Nett competitions.
(i.e. No “pickups” or “ringers” and no “gimmes”)

 To participate in the competitions, each player must hold an authorised handicap index being:

A valid 18-hole Handicap Index viewable on the N.Z.G.A. “DotGolf” website on 27th Dec 2017
A current (i.e. no more than 3 months old) Handicap Index Certificate authorised by a Match Committee representative from his / her home Golf Club.

The authorised handicap index for the player’s first day of competition will apply for all competition days.

At any stage during the event, the Tournament Committee may, at their discretion, review and, if appropriate, reduce the handicap index of any player. Any such amendment will be applied to all Competition days.

 The Handicap divisions, based on Handicap Index, are (inclusive):

o Men Senior Up to 9.7       Intermediate 9.8 – 15.2        Junior 15.3 – 28.9
o Women Silver Up to 18.0         Bronze 18.1 – 40.4

For nearest the pin and long drive competitions, the ball must be at rest on “the green” or “own closely mown fairway” respectively

 Tied Results

o A tied result in the 72-hole Gross event will be resolved through a hole-by-hole playoff, beginning on Hole #14 then #18, then #14 and so on, until a winner is found
o Should the need arise, all other competitions will be decided on handicap count-back as calculated by the DotGolf system

 Players must walk the course at all times during a stipulated round. Any requests for dispensation to use approved transportation must be lodged with the Tournament Committee at least 12 hours prior to the start of a round and must be accompanied by a Medical Certificate to support the request.

 All play starts from #1 Tee

 Courses to be played:

  • Women’s SILVER and BRONZE  divisions play from the Yellow Tees
  • Men’s SENIOR and INTERMEDIATE divisions play from the BLUE Tees
  • Men’s JUNIOR division play from the WHITE tees

 Slow play must be avoided – 1 round of 18-holes is estimated to take 3.75 – 4.0 hrs. Excessive slow play may be penalised under Rule 6-7, with Penalties applied as per Note 2 to Rule 6-7.

– Play a provisional ball whenever your ball may be lost outside a hazard
– Within the bounds of safety and courtesy, adopt a play when ready approach because Order of Play has no formal relevance in this tournament which is, under The Rules, a Strokeplay event.
– Play your own shot before searching for another player’s ball.
– Mark your scorecard AFTER you have teed-off

 Suspension and resumption of play due to a dangerous or unplayable situation will be determined by the Tournament Management Committee as per Rules 33-2d and 6-8. Should play be suspended, players may, unless otherwise instructed, complete the current hole and then discontinue play immediately after completing that hole. (Penalty for failure to comply with such instructions may result in disqualification.)

 Playing Groups – minimum of 3 players per group – If players withdraw from the event between rounds, playing groups may be re-arranged by Tournament Management Committee

 Scorekeeping – within a playing group, all players to keep the score of all other players so that the group scorecards can be used for verification purposes if there are any disputes over posted scores.

 Local Rules – see noticeboard for revisions / additions to local rules printed on the scorecard

 Practice on The Course on Tournament days is prohibited. The designated practice areas are:

o The Practice fairway, which starts down by the Women’s 10th Tee, and runs between #10 and #18 fairways (delimited by the tree-lines)
o Putting Green and separate chipping green outside the Club shop
o Practice nets behind/beside the cart shed and grassed area adjacent to #1 tee
o The Bunker and Practice Green located between the 18th Green & 14th Fairway.
Chipping to this green to be from within 10 – 15m of the edge of the green, or from beyond the 90m marker between the trees near the main entrance to Te Marua Golf Club.

Practice shots on any part of the course, except as permitted by The Rules, may result in disqualification

 Competitor’s Responsibilities (See Rule 6 for full details) – Each competitor is responsible for ensuring that:

o The correct score for each hole is entered clearly on the scorecard (record a pick-up as X )
o The correct Course Handicap is entered on the card
o The card is Dated and Signed by both the Competitor and the Marker
o The completed card is returned to the appropriate box, downstairs in the Club Shop, at the earliest possible time after the round is completed on the day the round is played

NOTE:  Return of an incorrect / incomplete card may result in disqualification.
Failure to return a card on the day of the round will incur a 2-stroke penalty on the late card.

Any disputes on The Rules or Handicaps must, in the first instance, be registered with the Tournament Committee who will, if necessary, refer the issue to the Disputes Committee for a decision under The Rules. The ruling issued by the Disputes Committee is final.

 Information:

o This course includes a number of areas of ‘rough’ in which it may be difficult to find your ball.
(e.g. the areas behind and left of #3 green, inside but alongside the boundary fence of #8, grove of small trees between #11 and #17 fairways.)
o If your ball may be lost in these or similar areas, please play a provisional ball – be sure to declare your intention to do so to your playing companions. (See Rule 27-1a.)

Tournament Management Committee, 21st October 2017