(updated 8:15am, 7th July to add Tees of the Day info)

The Ade Waddell event is MATCH PLAY on HANDICAP.  All standard Matchplay Rules apply with the allocation and use of H/C strokes being determined as follows:

1        Play the match from Tees of the Day and calculate each player’s match H/C from the course H/C for those tees.

2       Players H/C strokes to be taken/given are calculated relative to the lowest H/C in the group.
For example:
With 4 players A,B,C and D  with course H/C of  8, 16, 7 and 15
Player C plays off ‘scratch, player A off 1, player B off 9 and player D off 8

3       Strokes are applied to the score using the stroke rating on the scorecard
For example:
Player C gets no shots
Player A gets one shot only in the round at uses it on hole #1
Player D gets 8 shots and uses them on STROKE HOLES 1 to 8
Player B gets 9 shots and uses them on STROKE HOLES 1 to 9

4       The result for each hole is determined using the better NETT score from each team (the team’s second player’s score for that hole is NOT used)

5       A match which is halved after 18 holes is to continue in “sudden death” mode,  continuing from the hole at which the match started until one side wins a hole.

Please update the draw sheet on the noticeboard with your match result