Club Competitions


These pages identify the events scheduled for Te Marua Golf Club’s members. Selected Wellington Golf (Inc) events and/or corporate bookings which are likely to impact members’ use of the course facilities are also included for reference purposes.

Any variations to the schedule and/or competition conditions will be updated in these pages and also advised by notice(s) posted on the Club Notice Boards, over the signature of an appropriate person from the membership group to which the variation applies.

Persons interested in the 2014 Wellington Golf (Inc) programme should consult the “Events and Results” section of Wellington Golf’s website, which can be found at


If you observe any breaches of the RULES OF GOLF, you are obliged, under the same set of RULES, to notify the Match Committee, through the Duty Manager / Administrator.

You will be in breach of the RULES yourself if you knowingly sign a card which is incorrect as a consequence of a breach of the RULES.


Preliminary round matches must be played on or before the stipulated date.
Semi-final and Finals matches must be played ON the specified date.

Should the player(s) be unavailable for the set date, then the unavailable player – or players – will be required to default the match. The Match Committee may replace the defaulting player(s) with the player(s) defeated in the prior round.

In light of the above conditions, players should confirm their availability for the Semi-finals and Finals and the Reserve Dates BEFORE entering any multi-round matchplay event.

Postponements caused by inclement weather will be managed at the time. If possible, reserve days will be used. As a last resort, new dates will be set and participants will be required to play on those dates or to seek approval from the Match Committee for the match to be played on another date.


When it is intended to protest the player should, as well as complying with the rules of golf, notify a member of the Match Committee through the On Duty Manager / Administrator that he/she intends to protest.  Unless this is done prior to or immediately after the completion of the game the protest may not be considered.

If a member of the Match Committee is unavailable at the time the protest is lodged, the card should be marked “Protest” and left with the Duty Manager / Administrator for follow up action.


The following conditions apply to a hole-in-one.

  • Any member who scores a hole-in-one while playing a “Stipulated Round”, at home or away shall have the feat recognized and have their name entered on the “Perfect Shot” Honours Board.
  • A hole-in-one at home qualifies the member for up to $100 in the bar on the day of the achievement, or reimbursement of up to $75 if scored at another Club.
  • In the event of a member scoring a hole-in-one on a day when the bar is closed, the “shout” may be postponed until the next available and convenient day – at the discretion of the Match Committee