2016 Cossie Club Shootout Final

Played 26th November 2016, sponsored by  Cossie Club Upper Hutt, this is a knockout competition where 19 players who made the cut, who qualified for the Final, play one round of golf together in the same group.

Yes – 19 people in one group on the 1st tee and playing the 1st hole together !!  One of those 19 drops out, leaving 18 for the 2nd hole, where another drops out, leaving 17 for the 3rd hole – and so it goes until there are only 2 players lined up on the 18th tee.

The ‘cut’ is determined by taking each participant’s best 10 18-hole-round Stableford scores returned over a qualifying period running most of the competition year.

The Final is played on a hole-by-hole  nett score basis, where the player with the highest nett score drops out.  Where 2 or more players have the same score, there is a chip-off  or a putt-off and the player furthest away from the hole is the one to drop out

The 2016 Cossie Club Shootout Final has been played, in less than wonderful weather conditions, but it was still a great day  and the results can be seen  HERE