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Kayne Martin and Glen Baker are playing Sam Donaldson and Andrew Black in the final of the Ade Waddell Memorial on Sunday Oct 31. – Congratulations 😊

Vouchers are now redundant. We won’t be issuing them anymore. The good news is that all of the 558 vouchers that we were holding in the shop have been loaded onto an account for you that you can use in the shop or upstairs. We will be getting new member cards next week and you can use those to buy items. You can put money into the account as well. We also have a member search function on both tills, so if you don’t have your card we can still find your balance and you can spend or deposit.

This is intended to provide you with a better experience due to speedier service , no need to find money and end up with lots of change. You can’t lose your voucher and if you lose your card your money is safe. For us it is less work writing out vouchers (YAH) handling vouchers, reconciling vouchers and means less cash handling and change requirements and for the club reduced bank transaction fees. This has been tested in the shop and the cafe and works well. We have Annette to train on how to use the system but expect this to embed very quickly.

If you have vouchers in your wallet , we can put them onto your account and the balance will not expire.

Wednesday Ladies please take note that the Noel Veer Group tees off at 12 O’clock on Wednesday 3rd November, I gave you a heads up about 4 months ago, they are teeing off #1, #10 and #14. – thank you again for your consideration😊

Shootout Final is on Saturday 13th November for players that make the cut.

Austad Cup round 1 for the Men is on 31st October and 7th November, this is a Par Competition over 2 x 18 holes round on separate days.

Have you registered your Twilight Team ???

White Saturday, Blue Sunday for the Men, Yellow both days for the Women. The Women have Dorothy Palmer Trophy best round of Strokeplay on Handicap on Sunday.

Please take note that not many visitors or members are booked in on the Saturday and Monday – as I am working both days and if bookings don’t increase i will only be here until early afternoon.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend, and if traveling be safe – regards Sonia

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