Update of the course

Course is open today Thursday #10#-#18 only – Friday the course is open #1 – #18 – Members ONLY can use carts as long as they abide by the carts rules which are:- Driving on the high side of the rough, and under no circumstances drive down or across any fairways.

Development work starting.

The surveyors’ pegs are now in place so the area inside those pegs is out of bounds from now on.

17th Fairway

Thank you to those members that have given their opinion of the work so far, we have had an Arboricultural Specialist’s assessment of the tree, and he advises the tree only has 2-3 live branches left and the rest of the canopy is dead. He recommends removing this tree, as the dead branches will become a hazard to golfers walking under the tree.

After discussion at Tuesday night’s executive meeting, it was agreed that the tree should be felled as soon as possible, so the greens staff, will be instructed to remove the tree in the coming weeks.

13th Fairway.(GUR)

Green staff will be working on the right side of the fairway digging an open drain, down towards the green keepers shed. We have had levels done previously to confirm this is the shortest route to drain water from the collection area on the right before the green. The area will be GUR.

Coring Machine Purchase.

The club had the opportunity to purchase from Royal Wellington a coring machine with an array of different tines, this will enable us to core our greens when it suits us. Royal are upgrading to a new non tine core process machine.