Morning everyone,

Wow – the Cricket was awesome – We are the Champions😊😊😊loving the Soccer too.

You would all of received notice that the Prize – Giving Meal will be reschedule due to Level 2 conditions .

#15 will be out of play for 4-5 weeks, so you will play #13, then chipping green (#15) then #14 on to #16 – sorry for any inconvenience – but we were lucky compared to other areas in the North Island.

Interclub end of the year Match and Meal is on Saturday 17th July – looks like only 3 of you are going – I have to ask myself is it just the male members that are so unorganised about registering for events – I feel like your mother having to constantly prompt you to register your interest for coming events. If you have given your name to your Team Captain – Thank You – can the Captains please write names on the whiteboard in the hall way, we would like to update our start sheet for your game. You can’t leave it to the last minute as Rob has to organize the food, staff and etc☹ rant over – we are the Cricket World Champions 😊

The Club is selling a Trailer load of pine firewood, some needs to be spilt – this is for use next year – if you are keen to purchase come up and check it out and make us an offer, it is outside the office. You will need your own trailer to transfer it. We are fundraising for a new chainsaw for the green-keepers.

I am running another ROARING FORTIES, $10 a week or $100 for the 10 weeks. I have 20 members already interested so please just pick a number and put your name on the sheet by the office desk, the number is yours for 10 weeks. If your number comes out on the Saturday night lotto – it has to be the BONUS number drawn – you get $100 – either side of the BONUS number the winners receive $50.00 each. I will let you know when it starts, the money will go towards a new computerised till for the office :😊

Tees are YELLOW both days of everyone!!!

What’s on this week:

Saturday – course available

Sunday – Club Day

Monday – course available

Tuesday – MW Men

Wednesday – MW Women

Thursday – MW Men

Friday – course available

Everyone have a wonderful weekend,

Regards Sonia

Te Marua Golf Club Inc

e temarua

p 526 7020