Afternoon Members,

Have you registered your interest for the Prize giving Dinner on Friday 25th June??? There is a list in the office/shop – Come on members treat yourself and your partner out for a meal – I know the chef is dying to show you his skills 😊

For the couple of members that have not paid your subs – You have this weekend to pay what you owe, otherwise you will be resigned on Monday.

On a brighter note Raffle winners this week were Chris Brooks and Chris Hislop. – congratulations

Bonus Cards have arrived – please see staff for yours

Have you picked up your membership card yet???

Te Marua Golf Club would like to offer their condolences to 9 Holes member John Dolton who’s daughter passed away at home, we are thinking of you please contact us if you need a hand with anything.

We now have 15cm PLACING thru the green.

WHITE TEES both days for the Men.

YELLOW TEES both days for the Women.

Next Weekend we have YELLOW both days for the Men and Women.

It was a Close fought match between Te Marua and Trentham Mashie teams on Saturday playing at Kapiti with Te Marua losing 7 – 8, sadly Captain Greg Judd squandered his chances to win his match, but congratulation to Jason Robinson for taking on 2 opposition and winning his match and the 4 ball for 2 points, very close guys – great effort!!

Golfer of the Year round 2 is on Sunday for the Men.

What’s on this week:-

Saturday – course available to play

Sunday – Club Day – Golfer of the year for the men

Monday – course available to play

Tuesday – MW Men

Wednesday – MW Women – Hidden Holes – Stableford

Thursday – MW Men – Evergreens at Ohariu Valley

Friday – course available to play.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

Regards Sonia.

Te Marua Golf Club Inc

e temarua

p 526 7020