Afternoon Members,

I would like to acknowledge members that are in hospital or at home recovering, our thoughts go out to Jeff Rigby at this time who is in Hospital and Pat Williams at home recovering – many members have been inquiring about your wellbeing, plus we also have other members unwell. We have been thinking of you all and hope for a speedy recovery.

Winners of the $50.00 raffle were Pat Melaugh, Colin Cowden, Rob McIntrye, Wayne Bach – congratulations to you all, thanks for your support.

There was a mistake in the Shootout Competition, it was more to do with the set-up and default tees of the day on the 24th January, I have fixed it up and think that I have entered most of the members that were not entered on that day, so if you notice that you played and you are not in the shootout of the day please let me know, and I will go into your scoring history and retrieve that card and enter you. (thanks Chas Evans for picking it up).

We have 40 Men and 10 Women registered in the Shootout, this is automatic entry each week, if any other members wish to register the first round of the Shootout will be $5.00, then $1.00 each week.

We also have results for last Sundays twos – for some reason we had two competitions set-up that day so results were just on the second two’s competition which are now on the results notice board.

On Saturday 6th February members will be playing for the Waitangi Day Trophies Men the Hui Ngaparu ( 18 holes Net Medal)Trophy and Women for the Lil Parkin Trophy ( 18 holes Stableford ) – Good Luck to you all, on Sunday Men will be playing for the Summer Cup round 1, the concept of this Competition is 36 holes Net Medal using the players best 2 x 18 holes Net Medal scores from the available 3 x 18 holes round consecutive Sundays. The Women have Round 1 of the Four Seasons Championship (Summer Cup) Stableford and playing off White, competitions are set up as normal for women who wish to play off the Yellow Tees.

White tees Saturday, Blue Sunday White Monday for the Men.

Yellow Saturday, White and Yellow Sunday, Yellow Monday for the Women.

Saturday 13th February we are hosting our Interclub teams Division 5, 8, and 10, and Mary Alward.

Sadly we only have one Interclub Captain wanting to share their results with you all – so heads up to Kayne Martin who’s team played Mahunga at Te Marua and got a win 8.5 to 6.5. They welcomed Greg Idour, Richard Schouten and Jason Rangiuia to the team all having good first up games. Player of the Day was James Waluszewski 6/5 win, Team of the day was James/Leigeon 6/5 win, Big Blue reinstated went to Sean. – Awesome Guys!!!

The Ladies played here at Te Marua and I’m pretty sure they had a win also.

We welcome new staff member Kim Abrahams who is working with the Greenkeepers.

We also congratulated and acknowledge Dave Sully who has worked here for 30 years on Sunday. We all appreciate the work you have done and still do over the years. – Much Respect 😊

What’s on this week:

Monday – course available

Tuesday – MW Men

Wednesday – MW Women

Thursday – Waikanae visit Te Marua.

Friday – course available

Sadly the weekend of the 13th and 14th February will be the end of an error for Maree and Grahame – 19 years of wonderful service and food, thanks for all my meals over the years I will certainly miss working with you guys – all the best for future endeavours.

Everyone else have a wonderful weekend, if travelling be safe.

Regards Sonia

Te Marua Golf Club Inc

e temarua

p 526 7020