Conditions of play
• Members only – for contact ability • No cart hireage – no staff to clean after each use • Shop & clubhouse closed – no contact with staff and cleaning requirements • No shared equipment – no flags or course equipment • Play only within your bubble- government social distancing rules apply

Before getting to course
• Make a tee booking on your DotGolf website- for contact ability. • Take hand sanitiser and gloves for use in common areas • Take your own refreshments (take empties home with you). • Take a notebook if you want to keep score. Scores will not be entered so no cards required

Arrival to course, and before the game
• Play only within your bubble. Maintain social distancing of 2 metres from others and staff at all times • No entry to locker room or toilets while at level 3. • Do not use taps, drinking fountain or practise nets– we couldn’t remove these • Own Cart users- Use a glove to open cart shed, unplug charger connection • One per cart only unless playing partner from your bubble.
Play or practice on course
• No Flags on greens, play to any hole • Keep your distance – 2m from others not in your bubble. • Do not sit on any seats, use the ball cleaners or lean against tee markers • Smooth sand in bunker with foot on exit
End of play
• Keep your social distancing in the carpark • Do not use taps around club house or by the cart shed • There can be no congregating. You must leave as soon as you have completed your recreation activity.
Please do not abuse this opportunity to enjoy your game of golf and being allowed to use our course. We will update you as soon a Level 2 conditions come available.

Chris Brooks
TMGC Captain