Morning Members,

Thanks to Allan Old for clearing all bins weekly of rubbish, plus getting us a new vacuum cleaner.

Thanks to Clive Dunstan for enduring the maintenance of the Golf Carts, they were serviced on Monday and the service guys said the club was doing an exceptional job on maintaining them.

Our 2020 Ladies MAT Interclub team is sitting 1st on the leader board by 0.5 but first is first. On Saturday they played at Wainui in the terrible wind, they were grateful for the 4.5 points, with the best results coming from team Ange Walsh and Kerry Baines, dominating and picking up all three points in their 4 ball and Theresa Scholey calmly winning her singles 3/2 while giving up 8 shots (yes 8) – Awesome work ladies!!!! Good luck for this Saturday at Shandon.

Thanks to all private cart users that made their carts available today for the Tigers tournament for sky news to use, you all know that I only use them if necessary I just used Steve Needham’s cart .

Course is CLOSED Friday, Saturday and Monday.

Sunday 16th February the Men have Summer Cup round 3.

Tuesday – MW Men.

Wednesday – MW Women.

Thursday – MW Men playing Levin, Twilight Round 3.

Friday – course available.

Saturday – Reserve day for Cossie Club. (tee booking sheet will be open after they tee off) Round 4 for Interclub.

Sunday – Stroke play Champs round 1, Mayer & Kean Cup round 1, Don Hazlett Trophy Round 1, Matchplay Qualifying round 1, Bolt Cup round 1 for the Men.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

Regards Sonia


Te Marua Golf Club Inc

e temarua

p 526 7020