Morning everyone,

The Winning pair of the Arthur Avis Trophy was Carole Medway and Carol Lightfoot on 52 Stablefords, closely behind them were Jim and Ange Walsh on 52c/b, 3rd was Noel Kahui and Dave Anderson 50 – congratulations – for the winning pair we have a framed print for you in the office.

Winners of the $50.00 raffles were Jim Walsh, Alex Walters and Rex Peebles. – congratulations

SHOP SALE ON FOR THE NEXT 10 DAYS. Thanks to all members that have supported the sale the past few weeks, we have managed to take in nearly $2000.00 in sales just on clothes and shoes.

Default tees for this weekend are WHITE Saturday, BLUE Sunday for the Men, YELLOW both days for the Women.

Men will play for the second round of the Austad Cup which is a Par competition 2 x 18 on separate days. Will your name be on the Cup????

Good Luck to Owen Lloyd, Peter Gallen and Andrew Black who will be representing Te Marua in the Wellington 2019 Champion of Champions played at Mahunga Valley on Sunday 10th November. Amie Clisby will be representing us at the 2019 Women’s Champion of Champions at Carterton on the 23rd November.

Shootout final for the Men and Women is on Saturday 23rd November, with reserve day on the following week 30th November, both start sheets have not been opened up yet in Dot Golf until I find out more information.

Leading the field in the Shootout so far is Robert McIntyre 406, closely behind him is Noel Kahui 398, Sam Iraia 396, Chas Evans 395, Tiri Subritsky 389, Mark Holley 388, Mel Phillips 388, Aaron Wynyard 388, Dean Alexander 387, Pete Gallen 386, Wayne Turner 386, Roger Gee 386, Meka Boynton 382, Michael Baines 380, Greg Judd 378 Chris Hislop 377, Malcolm Wellington 375, David Topp 374, and Murray Quinn with 373 is 19th, 4 more days to go to qualify – Will You make the cut????

Golfer of the year final is on Sunday 1st December. The finalists so far are Dave Anderson, Warwick Evans, Jeff Rigby, Allan Fayen, Clint Codyre, Kevin Gill, Dean Alexander, Mark Holley, Kim Cottrell, Greg Idour, Peter Gallen, Tiri Subritsky, Noel Kahui, Mark Bramwell, Dave Workman, David Muong, Kayne Martin, Brett Keno, Chris Hislop, Andrew Black, Meka Boynton, Bob Clouston, and Paul Hammond with round 10 to go on the 17th November. – Congratulations to all participants to date, and please if you are unable to play let me know so the succeeding player can be included in the field.

Monday 11th November the course will be closed – we are hosting the Wellington Men’s Vets.

Friday 22nd November the course will be closed from 10.00am – we are hosting the ENZED group (Shotgun start – members will be able to play around 3.00pm just ring the office for confirmation)

Friday 6th December the course will be closed from 10.00am – we are hosting the Stoney Classic (members will be able to play around 3.00pm – just ring the office for confirmation)

7 more weeks to go for the Te Marua Masters on the 27th, 28th, 29, 30th December – Have you registered???????

The Roaring Forties will go ahead starting on Saturday 16th November, I appreciated the first one how most of your paid up front for 4 – 10 weeks being around Christmas I would appreciate the same proposal of payment, but for those who still want to pay the $10.00 per week that is fine, just put your name on it and give it to staff who will put it into my folder where I will mark your payment off on the spreadsheet. Wayne Chapman are you still wanting the same number??? (please reply by return e-mail)

We only have 2 numbers left which are 29 and 18 anyone keen to take them???? Please bring CASH in with you as we normally don’t have enough cash in the till.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

Regards Sonia

Te Marua Golf Club Inc

e temarua

p 526 7020