Morning everyone,

As you can see by the attached picture, Dave Edhouse looking very regal doing his job, so much concentration. The greenkeepers have been working very hard trying to recover from a terrible week of coring weather to make the course looking awesome again. We would like to express our appreciation for their hard work!!

Working Bee Tomorrow 8.30 – Thanks everyone for supporting this!!!

Thanks to our painters Dennis Grover and Dave Anderson on a awesome paint job of the clubrooms.

Special thanks to Wayne Turner, Allan Old and Grahame for the putting together of the new chairs plus the removal of the old chairs in the Clubrooms – you guys are AWESOME !!

If members know of anyone wanting to make an offer for the old chairs please let us know, you will see them scattered but stacked downstairs, so the sooner the better for them to be gone would be appreciated.

Thank you to all other members that volunteer your time for our club – you are AWESOME!!!

We know we have some club members in hospital or at home recovering from operations – take care we are thinking of you!!!

I have registered all pre- booked members tee times for the Masters in Dot Golf and the draw, I am just needing the names from the Workman group of 12, please contact me over the weekend with the names to registered your group, plus any other members wanting to register your preferred time slot, after Sunday I will be forwarding the Pak n Save , Upper Hutt Tournament Entry Form to Wellington golf for Steve Weir to send out to all clubs in New Zealand, when that happens all tee times will become available.

Business House Twilight starts on the Thursday 24th October – please register your team in the office.

Winner of the Roaring Forties Week 8 was number 14 Jose Cooper $100, Owen Howes and Sam Mclean $50.00 each, week 9 number 17 Andrew Curry $100, Dave Anderson and Charlie Priestly $50.00 each – Congratulations everyone, only Saturday’s draw to go, please make sure you pay all money owing over the next few weeks. I would like to thank all members that were involved in this fundraising, which went towards paint for the clubrooms. $4000 comes in – $2000 paid out in prizes, $2000 profit.

What number on Saturday?? Will it be yours????

Carts for Club members only in the Weekend. It is very wet down below, hopefully with no rain this will improve over the next few days.

Good Luck to Dominic who is away representing Te Marua at a couple of golf tournaments.

What’s on this week:-

Saturday – course available

Sunday – Club Day

Monday – course available

Tuesday – MW Men

Wednesday – MW Women – Mulligans

Thursday – MW Men

Friday – course available

Everyone have a wonderful weekend