Afternoon everyone,

Te Marua Greenkeeper, Dave Sully gets an updated vehicle.

Dave is a happy man and thankful his new vehicle came just in the nick of time, the old Ford wagon was about to haemorrhage due to old age.

Thanks to Kevin of Upper Hutt Cars Sales he now has a reliable vehicle that will last a while. When we approached Kevin for help he never hesitated and gave us a great deal, then Dzine signs helped with the signwriting.

Thanks to Upper Hutt business supporting Te marua Golf Club.

Thinking of all club Member’s and their families that are unwell. We hope you have a speedy recovery and hope to see members back playing golf soon.

The Green-keepers are obviously in the committee’s good books because now they have got a new Golf Buggy also, no wonder Dave Sully has a smile on his face.

Upper Hutt Produce and Co Limited is another one of our sponsors, they have sponsored us for a number of years and are situated at 12-14 Queen Street, Upper Hutt. Upper Hutt Produce are local providers in the Garden Supplies category, established in 1959 ten years before I was born (haha). It is one of the oldest stores in the city. Alan Rau started his work with the business as an 11 year old after school and in the holidays, working for his father James, in what was Hazelwood’s Grain and Seed. In 1965 Upper Hutt Produce moved to its present location. If you are on the look out for grain and seed, dry food during the winter, and garden supplies in the summer like sprays , fertilisers, seedlings this is the place to go. Please support our sponsor Upper Hutt Produce Co Limited.

Winners of the $50.00 are Ian Sherwin, Paul MacDonald, Russell Oliver, and Lorraine Penny, again thank you for your support for the raffles, the proceeds for the last four sold went towards the rat traps around the course.

Please remember all CART OPERATORS if there is a bad frost in the morning you will not be able to use your cart, when you drive on it breaks the grass and carts leave burn marks on the course. I have checked Saturdays weather the frost is not meant to be as bad as today, then again the sun is going to come out later tomorrow than today. Please remember also the call will be made on frosty mornings by shop staff to go off #10 if necessary for the day, as the sun warms top nine quickly before bottom nine. We don’t make these decisions to upset you, they are made to look after your course!!!

Thanks to all cart operators for adhering to the rules on #7 and #8 this week – Keep up the good work!!!!

Good Luck to our Mashie team playing in Kapiti on Saturday 6th July, I’m pretty sure they are looking for one more player anyone keen????

7th July Round 2 of the Ade Waddell Memorial for the Men.

In July the course is closed on Friday 12th July (reserve day Friday 2nd August) we are hosting the Women’s Vets, Saturday 13th July until lunchtime we have all our Interclub teams playing here for their end of season prizegiving, plus on Saturday 27th July the course is closed until early afternoon we are hosting the Mashies.

In September the course is closed on Friday 13th September and Saturday 28th September. This would be a great opportunity for members to pick up and use their bonus cards for 3 free rounds at Shandon or Judgeford.

What’s on this week:

Saturday – course is busy but plenty of spots in the afternoon.

Sunday – Club Day Stableford for the Women

Monday- course available

Tuesday – MW Men.

Wednesday – MW Women.

Thursday – MW Men.

Friday – course available

Good luck to the Hurricanes plus our Cricket team playing this weekend.

Regards Sonia