Afternoon everyone,

Winners of the $50.00 raffle were Colin Cowden and Mark Harper. – Congratulations

At the moment in the shop we have the Women’s Twin Challenge Tournament raffle for a CASH prize of $100.00 – $5.00 a ticket – 50 tickets only.

Are you playing in the 2018 Masters? Have you registered??

Business House Twilight was rained off last night, the results from the first week are 1st Mrs Lloyds Boys 64, 2nd Bad Girls 58, 1st Individual Jason from Loose Screws 20, 2nd Geoff from Black Tees 20. Hopefully the weather will improve to play round 2 on Thursday.

On Sunday 4th November members will be playing for the Arthur Avis Memorial Trophy – This Mixed Competition is a Better Ball Stableford, mixed or non-mixed pairs playing in 1 competition. It is a lot of fun, you and your partner may, if you wish, play in different groups. When you come in on Sunday you put your name and partners name on the entry form in the shop, if you don’t have a partner don’t worry just put your name down and a partner will be added for you, each member pays $2.50 each ($5.00 for the pair), you can also play in the shop competitions of the day. The fun is if you play bad on a hole hopefully your partner will save you!!!!


On Sunday 11th November and Sunday 18th November the Men will be playing for the Austad Cup – this is a PAR competition over 2 x 18 hole rounds on separate days, plus you will be playing for the Golfer of the Year round 8 and 9, where we will have our final 6 competitors for this event. WILL IT BE YOU!!!!

(18-hole Nett Event)
Congratulations, YOU are a FINALIST.
Finalists qualified by being in top 3 places of competition on specified Sundays in 2018
Mick Dearmer Alex Ross
Wayne Turner Pat Williams
Gregory Idour Ron Roberts
Clinton Codyre Brian Cockburn
Noel Kahui Dave Workman
John West Finley Pope
Sam Iraia Meka Boynton
Chas Evans Jeff Rigby
Paul Hammond
Michael Baines
Dave Anderson
Allan Fayen
Tony Birtwistle

If you cannot play please let me know so the next member on the cut off list can play.

Will you make the cut in the Shootout??? It is a battle for the top of the table with Sam Iraia on 402 and Steve Dearns on 398 followed by Robert McIntrye 391 and Roger Gee closely behind on 390. Remember only the top 19 make the cut, and again it will be a battle on who is sitting around that 19th mark. Brett Keno is 19th on 370 but biting at his heels are Wayne Turner 369 and Jose Cooper 368. ONLY 3 WEEKENDS TO GO!!!!!

Course looks beautiful – Awesome work green-keepers!!!

What’s on this week:

Saturday – course available all day.

Sunday – Club Day – Arthur Avis Memorial

Monday – course available

Tuesday – MW Men

Wednesday – MW Women LGI, Putts.

Thursday – Course Closed – Twin Club Challenge – Business House Twilight

Friday – Please check with office or website to see if course is Open or Shut for the day. (still waiting for numbers on a group booking)

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.