Morning everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend.

Winner of the $50.00 raffle was ME (Yay) and Lorraine Penny – Congratulations to us both!!!

Very busy day tomorrow – we are hosting three groups of golfers if you come up for a game and have not booked – BREATHE– I will smile – try to fit you in – if I can’t you will have to come back after lunch for a game!!!

We have lost a Junior set of clubs – Has anyone loaned them and forgotten to return to the shop????

We have Interclub Trails on Saturday 10th November – I have put up a registration form on the notice board for previous and new members who would like to play.

Please take note Dot Golf has updated new software on the system, so any group bookings that I put into the system during the year or even for 2019, if you have a recurring booking and I have opened up the start sheet to add a group in, you will get a reminder for your recurring booking on that Sunday.

9 Hole Business house Twilight started last night, we have eleven teams and they were all excited to start their first round, I imagine they would have been a bit wet when they finished but enjoyed their hot meal and an ale or two.

Please remember we have Twilight Golf for the next six weeks every Thursday from 5 to 6. The draw is always up on the board about 3.30pm, so if wanting to come up for a game you can check what tees they are going off

so you can play your game around them.

The November programme is a very busy month, with club trophies and group bookings, so please read your programme book plus your regular newsletter so you know what is going on in your club. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new members and previous summer members. Please do not hesitate to contact the office if needing any information we are more than happy to help.


Sunday 4th November – Arthur Avis Memorial for Men and Women.

Saturday 10th November Interclub Trails for the Men.

Sunday 11th November Austad Cup Round 1 plus Golfer of the Year round 8 for the Men.

Wednesday 14th November Women’s AGM.

Thursday 15th November Midweek Men’s Shootout Final.

Sunday 18th November Austad Cup Round 2 plus Golfer of the Year Rd 9 for the men.

Saturday 24th November Shootout Finals for Men and Women.

Wednesday 28th November Last Day for Eclectrics and Gobbler for the Women.


Saturday 27th October 3 group bookings.

Friday 2nd November Group of 20 at 11.00am.

Tuesday 6th November Group of 20 – 9 hole Ladies at 11.00am.

Thursday 8th November course closed for Judgeford and Te Marua Ladies.

Friday 9th November course closed for private booking.

Friday 23rd November ENZED Group Booking at 11.00 using #1 and #10.

Golfer of the Year final is on Sunday 2nd December – I will do an up to date list over the weekend and put on the notice board who will be playing before the final two rounds, please let me know if you are unable to play if your name is on the list.

CLOSING DAY – GETHING TROPHY – Just wondering if you all would like a get together like last year – (maybe not so many raffles this time haha) – just flick me an e-mail YES OR NO or let me know this weekend.

Please check dot golf to check tee times, if wanting to play for the next couple of months I suggest you book yourself in during the WEEK because it will only start to get busier and we have already many more small groups booked in during the next couple of months.

SHERWIN CONSTRUCTION LIMITED MASTERS IS NOW OPEN FOR REGISTRATIONS!!!! Just a nice reminder for the members that have registered already please make payment as soon as you can we don’t want to be chasing payments in December when we are busy.

Sadly ex Member George Criddle passed away last week, I think he deserves a mention in the blob as I always remember him and his curtain shop in Upper Hutt, he joined our club in 1975 followed by his wife Maelene in 1978 who resigned in 2015, not sure when George left but I always remember him as a lovely man – our condolence go to his family.

Everyone have a fabulous weekend.

Regards Sonia