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Sent: Friday, 25 May 2018 1:18 PM
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Subject: BLOB

Morning everyone,

Sometimes you really don’t know to laugh or cry at someone else’s expense. But I am stilling laughing on the inside but trying to remain sorry for Club member Pat Williams. He was playing golf on Tuesday with the MW Men and putting at the 4th. Now just imagine it putting, putter, golf ball, and glove in hand when a big gust of wind takes his trundler golf bag for a ride of its life, it travels uphill with Pat running after it, then it goes down hill and flies into the river down by the blackberry bushes, pat travels down the stream with a ball retriever in hand goes out to the middle waist high to wait for trundler and bag, he then sights the empty bag no trundler or golf clubs in sight, gets himself steady with his golf shoes on the rocky bed in the river puts the ball retriever out to try to hook the bag and misses, the bag float past him down steam, and he safety gets himself out of the river. So if anyone finds a trundler golf bag and bits of a golf set please contact Pat Williams. Pat was more concerned about the private effects in the pocket of the golf bag house and car keys, cards money ID Cards, phone etc. Hopefully the insurance will sort him out after they finish laughing when fulling out the claim form, plus at least he does not have to buy a new putter, glove and golf ball. At times you wish someone taped it, because it would have been a very funny video to watch.

Your carts do have brakes on them!!!!

Don’t be surprised if you find a hitching post down by the 5th called “Pat’s Post” for you to tie your carts too!!!

Breaking News:

The MAT Women’s Interclub has gone straight through to the final , they were so far ahead they skipped the Semi Finals and BOOM into the finals – Awesome work Ladies. The Semi final will be between Miramar and Waikanae. The final is on the 9th June venue to be announced. The team has played outstanding all season and everyone can be proud of the way they have played and represented the club – we are proud of you all!!! OVERWHELMING

Paul Hammond had an awesome Interclub game on Saturday the 12th he won 8 – 6. Apparently I forgot to mention his outstanding game with the other outstanding players – my bad!! (my smiley face)!!!

Division 7 won on Saturday 11-4 against Mahunga. Outstanding was their oldest player playing for their first and last game for them – none other than Jim Walsh winning 5/3 . Jamie Gray played at No 1 and won his game – Awesome guys!!! Division 7 now go up to Division 6 after winning their grade – Tremendous!!!!

Division 4 had a home game against Judgeford which was a 3 horse race for the title. They had a good win On Saturday beating Judgeford 11.5 to 3.5. All Season they have always been 2nd or 3rd and at one point as far back as 5th. The only time they led the division was when it mattered at the end of the final round, and didn’t they do us proud!!! Players of the day was Paul Henley and their blue friend was put away till next season. Great effort from everyone who played towards Division 4’s success. There is a total of 17 players they contributed to them going up to Division 3. – Splendid effort!!!!!

Dave Sully and John are grateful for the new fairway mower, it is a vast improvement from the old one – they would like to give their appreciation to all involved in the purchase.

We are hosting two small group on Saturday from 8.00 to 9.24, after that the course is free for bookings.

Good Luck to everyone playing the Semi Finals of Matchplay on Sunday. Are you going to make the CUT?????

What’s on this week:

Saturday – course available

Sunday – Club Day – Matchplay Semi Final Champs for the Men and Women.

Monday – course available.

Tuesday – MW Men.

Wednesday – MW Women – Nassau Stableford.

Thursday – MW Men.

Friday – course available. Will be hosting a group of School Children from about 9.00am to 1.00pm from Plateau and Mangaroa Schools, they have allocated times groups of children will be arriving at our course. WGI are currently piloting a primary schools programme which Te Marua Golf will be supporting. The group of children will mainly be down by the Drive Practise Area by the Pine Trees, if you are playing that day please take care teeing off #10 we don’t want any wayward shots going their way.

Queen’s Birthday Weekend.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend

Regards Sonia