Morning everyone,

Lovely up here today.

I don’t like to start the newsletter with a negative vibe – but here goes!!!

Recurring Bookings are a privilege, if you do not delete your name or group on a Sunday when you know you are unable to play I will delete you from recurring bookings, and another member/members can have your slot.

NO CARTS ALLOWED ON ANY OF THE FAIRWAYS, PLEASE DRIVE ON THE HIGH SIDE OF THE ROUGH, DO NOT DRIVE ACROSS ANY FAIRWAY. If members are seen abusing this decision you will not be welcome to use your cart.

Into practicing your golf ?

To the someone who spent time earlier this week using the 18th fairway as a practice area, please desist ! Fairways on our course are NOT practice areas.

To your credit, divots were replaced – and it must be said, well done for abiding by that point of golf etiquette.

By all means, play a practice round or part round, maybe with a couple of practice / try-that-again shots here and there on your way around the course / hole, but playing lots of shots from the same area on the same fairway, particularly when taking lots of divots, is just not acceptable.

Perhaps it is timely to mention, as information for new members, a reminder for others, the designated practice areas on our golf course are:

o The Practice fairway, which starts down by the #10 Yellow Tees, and runs between #10 and #18 fairways (delimited by the tree-lines)

o Putting Green and separate chipping green outside the Club shop

o Practice nets behind/beside the cart shed and grassed area adjacent to #1 tee

o The Bunker and Practice Green located between the 18th Green & 14th Fairway.
Chipping to this green to be from within 10 – 15m of the edge of the green, or from beyond the 90m marker between the trees near the main entrance to Te Marua Golf Club.

Thank you everyone for your co-operation and support on this aspect of maintaining our golf course in the best possible condition to be enjoyed by all our golfers.

ALSO – NO ONE!!! Is allowed near the tree that has been cut down to take wood, not only is it a Health and Safety Hazard, but the trees on the ground have been sold, the tree that is left standing is still being reviewed, some branches are hanging from it and may fall, hence the reason for fencing off around the tree, plus we are just waiting to see if the tree left standing has been damaged.

On a brighter Note:-

You would probably have heard that ex Te Marua member Bryan Hughes won the Senior Amateur Championship in Sunningdale, he became the first Englishman and Te Marua ex member to lift the trophy since 2003, he finished 2 shots ahead of Doug Hanzel and Gene Elliot from United States and Steven Williams from South Africia. Bryan who is 55 years old was on the reserve list before receiving a late entry into the championship, he completed the final round with a three under par 67 to lift the trophy on a four over par total 214. His wife Elizabeth, caddied through the championship that was affected by torrential rain on the opening day, Bryan now earns exemption into the 2018 Senior Open presented by Rolex at the Old Course, St Andrews. Great achievement from an ex-member, I have noticed his named on a few club trophies here, plus have spoken to a few members that new Bryan.

Left-handers Tournament on Saturday 30th September. – Have your registered???

$5.00 Raffles donated by Left-Handers Tournament – Have you got your ticket???

Have your voted yet????

Don’t forget to put your clock forward on Saturday night!!!

Nice Golf Cart for Sale, great condition, new batteries $3500.00, contact office.

What’s on course this week:-

Monday – course available – small group of Ladies playing at 9.30 from Waikanae.

Tuesday – MW Men, 9-Hole Gross RD11.

Wednesday – MW Women – Frances Cole Trophy.

Thursday – MW Men.

Friday – course available all day – small group from the Fire Service teeing off 9.30.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

Regards Sonia

Te Marua Golf Club

e temarua

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