Morning everyone, another beautiful day up here today.

Please take note that the Ade Waddell Memorial Round 1 that was to commence on the 25th June for the men has now been change to start on the 9th July, 23rd July Round 2, 6th August round 3 (semi-final) 20th August round 4 (final). I have put an entry form on the notice board for you to register. This competition is limited to 16 teams, the concept of the competition is Men’s 4 ball – better ball Match play on Handicap, entries close on Sunday 25th June, the team consists of two players 1 x Senior (0-12 handicap) 1 x Junior (13-24 handicap) based on course handicap for white tees as at 25th June 2017. All matches to be played from tees of the day, using course handicap in force on that day. All members have to do is arrange own partners, draw for 1st round opponents. 1st round to be played on or before Sunday 9th July 2017 by mutual agreement of both sides and then with 2 weekly play – by dates thereafter. If the level of interest is sufficient, the event MAY be expanded to 32 teams.

Please make an effort and register your team this weekend!!!.

Attached is information on Professional Coaching sessions with PGA Member Brad Carter at our course, if there is enough interest – it will start on Saturday 8th July at 12pm – 1.30pm, please register with Brad or shop/office.

Carts are still restricted to Members only on the course, thanks to you all for your consideration on not driving on any of the Fairways. I did hear that a cart was driven on Sunday by two members who obviously were not aware of the RULE, even though it is on the windscreen of all carts – and mentioned the last three weeks in the BLOB – NO EXCUSES!!!! I won’t name and shame, but if a member can-not adhere to the rules – they will be not be allowed a cart.

Tomorrow Saturday 17th June, all our Interclub teams are playing, so the course is closed until about lunchtime, they are teeing off #1, #10, and #14 at 8.30am. Members are more than welcome to come up to the clubrooms at lunchtime to join in the celebrations of our teams awesome results in their Interclub Divisions.

Tomorrow I have a Cash Raffle $5.00 a ticket for $150.00, 50 tickets only, please remember to bring $5.00 along to buy a ticket, it will be drawn in the clubrooms when the teams come in.

Roaring Forties will be starting up again in July – the last fundraiser paid for, seating outside cart shed, kitset tables upstairs outside on balcony, boxing mesh for carpark and concrete outside the shop/office, driveway cleaned and swept, flags plus floodlights outside. Plus we are in the middle of having the flag pole painted and buying materials to have it placed stable in the ground.

A couple of items that need our attention are a few areas on course where the steps are slippery in the winter and we need to purchase some sort of material to stop golfers slipping on them, plus the office/shop needs a new heat pump, it would be great to get the carpark cleaned and swept again in the summer.

I will be asking all members that are in the Roaring Forties if they want their allocated number over the weekend. The cost would be $10.00 a week, or $100 for the 10 weeks. Winning Lotto Bonus Number of the night will get $100, either side of the number will get $50.00. We bring in $4000.00, $2000.00 in prizes and $2000.00 profit. It would be great to have your support.

It is great to see Daniel Hillier leading the table before today’s final round in the 2017 Junior World Cup being played in Japan. Plus the New Zealand side is coming 3rd. Awesome Effort after 3 rounds.

Congratulations to the Finalists in Matchplay Champs we have Craig Wilkins playing Leigeon Tumataroa for the Senior Title fight, Vance Plumridge playing Dion Codyre for the Intermediate Challenge, Dave Anderson playing Brett Keno for the Junior Battle, and for the ladies we have Ange Walsh playing Jan Tomlinson for the Bronze Contest. Good Luck to you all, plus congratulations to the players in the Semi-Finals that lost I heard some games were very close – maybe next year!! (my smiley face).

All members will be playing off #10 from 7.25 to 8.34, then 8.42 to 9.30 will be teeing off #1, 11.10 till the late afternoon everyone will be teeing off #10, for some of those older members (my smiley face) teeing off #10 at 11.30am remember to bring warm clothing, by the time you finish on the #1-#9 side the sun has gone and it’s a bit chilly late afternoon, So please when you arrive check the start sheet to see if you are teeing off #1 or #10. The Champion Finalists will be teeing off #1 at 8.00am and playing 36 holes.

Monday 26th June we are hosting the Senior Men – course is closed until late afternoon.

What’s on this week:-

Saturday Interclub Teams playing – course available after lunch.

Sunday Club Day Match Play Championship Finals for the men and women, plus Golf of the Year for the men.

Monday course available all day.

Tuesday MW Men, 9 hole Medal & Putts Rd7.

Wednesday MW Women Stableford.

Thursday MW Men – MW Men Mid -Year Christmas Dinner.

Friday course available all day.

Can’t wait for the Rugby this weekend – so excited!!!

AND!!! The America’s Cup!!!!

Everyone have a great weekend.

Regards Sonia

Te Marua Golf Club

e temarua

p 526 7020