Afternoon everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and New Year.

Interclub starts tomorrow – Good Luck to all our teams.

Have you got your Interclub shirt???

We need more players for our 2017 Mashie Team – this starts on the 11th February, one game a month – 10 rounds – on a Saturday playing at various clubs in the Wellington Region, finishing on the 14th October. If your handicap is 16 and over and you are interested in playing or just being a reserve for the odd game please let me know – we need to be able to field a team on Saturday 11th February.

On Monday 30th January we are hosting the Senior Tournament – course will be closed until late afternoon.

Business House Twilight had its final round of golf last night, due to the terrible weather last year (and this year) they were unable to complete Round 6 , I will update you with the results next week.

Teams Twilight starts this Thursday 2nd February, 5,45pm SHOT GUN start, it is $100.00 per team, (four) format is Matchplay on Stableford, round robin (6 rounds)

A Big Thank you to Peter Gallen for organizing the draws and etc. for the Twilight again.

Mr Jim Walsh has been very busy organising the trucks, diggers and everything else with the placing of Groynes, rain caused havoc for the scheduled operation on the 16th January, hopefully with better weather forecast for the coming week the placing of the first Groyne should be well on its way for completion. – dam weather!!!!! I’m sure all Club Members appreciate the hours of diligent work that committee have prepared for this Hugh expensive undertaking.

Has anyone got a vacuum cleaner they do not want, please let me know, our shop cleaner has broken and in for repairs, it really is on its last legs, just let me know or surprise me!!!!

On Tuesday 7th February in the afternoon our club will be hosting the Lower North Golf Safari, this group will be arriving in the late afternoon in 27 Motorhomes, they will be parked in the carpark for the night, then the next morning at 8.30am will be playing 18 holes, after their game they will go upstairs for coffee and etc., after lunch they will then travel to the next golf course. I have arranged with the coordinator to have the motorhomes park from the entrance gate fence line, so it leaves enough room for club members to park down towards the clubrooms. I have explained our Mid-Week Men play on the Tuesday and usually finish about 3 – 3.30pm, giving them a guide line when carpark will be vacated. Hopefully this will not be an inconvenience to club members, if you are coming up to play golf on the Tuesday late afternoon just park down by the Clubrooms.

Roaring Forties has its final draw on Saturday 4th February, please make sure you are all paid up before the final draw. I would like to thank all participants for this fundraising venture.

We have got a lot done round the club, I hope you are all happy with what you see. You would of noticed the driveway was swept and cleaned before the Masters, Andrew Curry arranged this for me for a nice cash deal – thanks Andrew, the next items on the participants WISH LIST are new entrance mats for the shop, shading for clubrooms balcony, and new decent flags, and broken trellis replaced outside the shop. All of these jobs are in the process of being done, we have a quote already for the shading, fixtures and labour, and the flag poles are going to be moved so we can put up new flags that won’t get ripped by the trees. The tables we purchased are still upstairs on the clubrooms balcony – being used as often as weather permits.

The Roaring Forties Club is now is recess for three months!!!!

What’ on this Week:-

Saturday – Interclub – tee times available from 10.30am onwards.

Sunday – Club Day – Opening Day James Maher Trays.

Monday – Seniors Tournament.

Tuesday MW Men.

Wednesday – MW Women, Group of 35 at 8.30am.

Thursday – MW Men – Teams Twilight Golf.

Friday – course available.

Everyone have a great weekend.

Regards Sonia

Te Marua Golf Club

e temarua

p 526 7020