Morning everyone,

Absolutely beautiful up here today.

It is with a heavy heart being at work this week knowing that I will never be seeing Katy again, my condolences go out to Bruce and her family at this very sad time. We have a few members that are in hospital and unwell at home, just remember we are thinking of you and often ask members that have visited you “ how you are”. Our thoughts also to members that have lost loved ones over the past week.

FYI  Click  HERE to see the startsheet for Te Marua Masters, as at 10:30 this morning – or scroll down the end of this BLOB  !

I heard on Sunday there was some mishap over the booked carts, this was my fault I had not pre booked the carts for certain members on that Sunday, if I am away at all and the cart booking sheet has been printed, purely by memory when I am back I fill in members names that want carts on a Sunday’s for the next month or two, instead of you “throwing your toys out of the cot” you should of worked with Gail to solve the problem, office staff work very hard to be faultless but sometimes we make mistakes, I have now printed out the cart booking sheeting to the end of March with the names of the pre booked carts. I expect the members with the booked carts to contact the office when you KNOW you will not be here on the Sunday to let that cart be available for other members or visitors. At the end of the day the procedure was you book you own carts each week, I was only making it easier for you to pre-book them myself each month on a Sunday, as sometimes YOU forgot to book your cart. Working together as a club makes it easier to solve problems together as a team when they occur. (apologies if these offends anyone, but it had to be said).

Golfer of the Year 2016 is Chris Brooks, runner-up was Paul Hammond.

Pope Cup was won by Chris Brooks , runner-up Allan Fayen.

Hastwell Cup was won by Blake Taylor-Menzies, runner-up Paul Hammond. (must be hard being second again Paul, you and Con Rogers need to get together and have a chat and see what you are both doing wrong). Congratulation to you all.

AGM was on Monday, thank you to all that attended, for those who didn’t attend it’s great to know the majority of you are more than contented with the direction the Club is going Thank you to all members/staff that did attend. I must congratulate the past committee for a wonderful job they have done throughout the year, and wish the new committee the best for 2017. John Cooper has stood down as president, Allan Fayen is the newly elected President. Special Thanks must go to John Cooper who has been at the helm for a number of years. I will let you know who the committee is once I know. Chris Brooks is the Club Captain and available to be contacted any time with any queries.

Business House Twilight Round 6 had to be cancelled on Thursday, it has been decided the last game will be played on Thursday 26th January, after Wellington Anniversary Weekend, and before Teams Twilight starts on the 2th February.

Thanks to Clive Dunstan for washing and taking care of the carts, Kevin Keown for weeding this week.

Interclub has Registration and Practise day on Saturday, teeing off at 8.00 on #1 and #10. Have you registered????

On Sunday 11th December we have Closing Day Gething Trophy, which is Better Ball Stableford, mixed or non-mixed pair playing in I competition. (arrange own partners)

There will be a form in the shop for you to write you and your partners name on, I have set this up as automatic entry.

On Monday we are hosting the Senior Men, so course will be closed till about 2.00pm.

Have your registered and paid for the Sherwin Construction 38th Te Marua Masters????

The Masters Volunteer list is in the office/shop for you to register .

What’s on this week:-

Saturday Interclub, limited tee times available in the morning.

Sunday – Club Day – Closing Day – Gething Trophy.

Monday – course closed till 2.00pm

Tuesday – MW Men.

Wednesday – MW Women.

Thursday MW Men – MWM AGM – Christmas Lunch

Friday – Small group at 11.00am – course available.

Everyone have a great weekend.

Regards Sonia

Te Marua Golf Club

e temarua

p 526 7020