Morning Everyone,

AGM Monday 5th December.

Shootout Final Saturday 26th November.

Golfer of the Year Final Sunday 27th November.

It was lovely up here this morning, it has just started raining now.

Winner of the $50.00 was Warwick Evans, Chris Hislop and John West.

Winners of the Roaring Forties for November was Steve Quinn $200, Topi Wirihana $100, Clinton Codyre $100 – winning number was 35.

Next draw is the 3rd December, so don’t forget to drop off your $20.00.

Our thoughts go out to staff member Katy Austin who is unwell at the moment.

The Women have their Dinner on Wednesday 7th December from 6pm in the Clubrooms. Cost is $25.00. The Dinner is for all Women Members. Plus there will be prize giving where the trophies will be presented to the lucky winners. There will be a speaker at this event, so please ladies write you name on the attendance sheet on the notice board in the foyer.

Men’s Interclub Registration and Practise is on Saturday 10th December at Te Marua, registration is to be done before 8.00am (first tee time soon thereafter). I have put a registration Entry Form on the notice board just as you walk in the doors in the foyer.

2017 Membership Fees proposal

To ensure the continued viability of this club we need to ensure that our membership fees provide sufficient revenue to cover the majority of our costs with due consideration for any other revenue that we are likely to gain.

We also need to consider the value provided by being a member of the club and ensure that the various types of membership classes contribute an equitable amount for the use of the course and facilities.

We have had an exceptionally good year as far as gaining new members and we intend to convert as many of those as possible to the full fee once their first 12 months has completed.

The transitioning of the former midweek membership to the full playing fee will enter its second of three years.

The casual membership category has been a success in retaining members who otherwise would not get the benefit of a full membership but have been able to stay and play when they want to.


With due consideration to all of the above I submit the following proposal for agreement at the AGM.

Keep the Full playing membership at $1000

Keep the Social Golfer fixed fee at $360 and increase per game fee to $15 per round

Transitioning midweek players. Stick to original plan for this year. (increase of $86).

New Members. Any offer to be at the discretion of Marketing Director but not less than $600 for 12 months.

Junior, Intermediate & 9 Hole members. No change.

Type From To Increase
Full Playing $1000 $1000 $0
Intermediate to 24yrs $360 $360 $0
Junior to 18 yrs $120 $120 $0
Transitioning from midweek to Full Playing $874 $960 $86
9 Hole $500 $500
Non Playing $90 $90 $0
Social Golfer $360 + $7.50 per round $360 + $15 per round $7.50 per round

From Allan Old


Business House Twilight golf finally managed to play it’s 4th round last night, the average really good score for each teams best 3 x 9 hole Stabelford is usually around 50 – 55 Stableford points, in yesterday’s round Mike Baines team strangely enough named “Chemically Enhanced”, returned a best 3 total of 70 Stableford ( 2 x 25, 1 x 20) – and yes there were many calls for them to be drug tested. While it is true that some of his team are on very high handicaps, they got there with a lot of effort over several years, but it gives us a great example of why the handicapping system makes golf such a great game – golfers can be at extremely different ability levels and all of them still be in with an equal chance to win. Plus great comments on the awesome meals they get every Thursday.

Default markers will be White for Saturday and Blue for Sunday.

What’s on this week:-

Saturday – Shootout – course available to play

Sunday – Club Day – Golf of the Year Final.

Monday – course available

Tuesday MW Men, 9 hole Stableford.

Wednesday MW Women – Stableford . Last day Eclectics & Gobbler. I have a small group pf 20 booked in for 9 holes at 10.00am .

Thursday – MW Men Shootout Final. – Business House Twilight Golf.

Friday – course available all day. I have a small group booked in at 10.30am, plus a group of 40 using the putting and practise areas for an hour at about 5.00pm.

Saturday (3rd December) and Sunday (4th December) are both reserve days for Shoot-out and Golfer of the Year.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

Regards Sonia.