Morning everyone, lovely up here today.

AGM – only one month away, mark this date down on your calendar –Monday 5th December – 8.00pm.

Winner of the $50.00 was Michael Baines and Rex Peebles.

Roaring Forties draw this Saturday, $400.00 up for grabs – who is going to win????

Some of the recently joined members membership cards are in shop/office – please pick them up this weekend.

The Women’s Open Day on Monday 7th November has now been cancelled due to lack of entries, I think we only had about 20 from outside clubs and 5 from Te Marua – pretty sad response isn’t it?

On Monday night a member was practising on the chipping green, he/she left 73 deep pitch marks on the green. This is unacceptable, our greenkeepers spend a lot of hours making sure our course is in tip top condition for members and visitors, it is a shame that a member has shown little respect for the hard work they do and our course. Dave Sully was not a happy man!!

Daylight Saving and Spring are here and summer is on its way which means more golfing hours available to us all.
And it’s also the time for a reminder……

If you take the opportunity to play a few ‘practice’ holes during the quiet times, which your membership entitles you to do, you are bound by that same membership, and Golf Etiquette, to take the time to repair ball marks / pitch marks on the greens and any divots you take around the course.

Please have a look at this article about repairing ball marks on the greens : .

For divots on the course, please replace whatever turf is retrievable and stamp it down firmly so that it will remain in place when the fairway mower next goes over it. Where no turf is available to replace, use a club to level out the edges of the divot and make that piece of ground as flat as possible. After all, who likes playing out of a divot ?

A quote from The Golf Fix man : “Remember – if you want the golf course to take care of you, you have to take care of the golf course !”

Men’s Shootout Final is due to be played on 26th Nov with a reserve day of 3rd December. Start time will be 8:00am

The current placings in the race to make the cut (first 19 qualify) is shown in the list below.

Would all those listed please confirm their availability for 26th Nov, and, just in case, the 3rd Dec as well, bearing in mind that it is potentially an all- day event, taking up to 7 hours or so – depending on how long you stay in the hunt !

If any of the qualifiers are unavailable, the rest of the field will be promoted.

Current Placings as at 3rd Nov 2016, taking the total Stableford score for the Best 10 cards submitted throughout the year, are :

Posn Name Score
1 Iraia, Sam 392
2 Gallen, Peter 387
3 Baines, Michael 387
4 Codyre, Clinton 386
5 Dearmer, Mick 385
6 Alexander, Dean 385
7 Bach, Wayne 385
8 McIntyre, Robert 382
9 Curry, Andrew 380
10 Rogers, Con 378
11 Kahui, Noel 375
12 Lister, Braden 372
13 Turner, Wayne 371
14 McKenzie, Jason 370
15 Peebles, Rex 369
16 Judd, Greg 369
17 Evans, Chas 369
18 Gee, Roger 367
19 Tanaka, Minoru 367
20 Quinn, Murray 366
21 Fayen, Allan 365
22 Boynton, Meka 363
23 Keno, Brett 362
24 Hay, Bruce 360
25 Henley, Paul 357
26 Caldow, Reg 356
27 Braybrook, Ross 355
28 Claasen, Tony 353
29 Black, Andrew 345
30 Walsh, Jim 345
31 Eyles, Richard 345
32 Cottrell, Kim 336
33 Martin, Kayne 336
34 Ansell, Mike 334
35 Bowmar, Alan 331
36 Stechman, Henry 324
37 Burrowes, Michael 324
38 O’Sullivan, Dave 310

Who will make the CUT!!!!

We have Men’s FootJoy shoes in the shop which are normally $300 – $350.00. DNA, Contour spike less and spikes, assorted colour and sizes, these will go very fast and we were fortunate to be given double what other shops were given this year, so if wanting this brand of shoe come in and have a look.

What’s on this week:-

Saturday – course available all day. – Invicta Trophy Round 2.

Sunday – Club Day

Monday – course available all day.

Tuesday MW Men, 9 hole Stableford.

Wednesday – MW Women – Stableford.

Thursday – MW Men – Business House Twilight Golf.

Friday – course available all day – I have a small group booked in at 1.30pm.

Have you registered for the MASTERS????

Everyone have a great weekend.

Regards Sonia

Te Marua Golf Club

e temarua

p 526 7020