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Sent: Friday, 9 September 2016 11:00 a.m.
Subject: BLOB

Morning everyone, can’t believe how cold it is, I was so looking forward to spring and the warm weather, hope it is not too far away, daylight savings starts in two weeks.

Winner of the $50.00 was Dale Burns (a new member)

Winner of the Monster Raffle was Alex Ross. Thanks to everyone that supported the raffle, all items were donated by Nigel Messenger and Mary Penrose, it raised $500.00. – Awesome.

It was the 10th and final week for Roaring Forties on Saturday with number 7 being the bonus number, this was unsold, but Di Do had number #6, and Tom Hunter number #8 so they both have $50.00 coming their way.

Roaring Forties will only be once a month during the summer, $20.00 a month, it will be the first Saturday of each month $200.00 for the bonus number and $100 each side of the bonus number, I have 1, 14, and 15 to sell, so if any members are keen to join our club let me know.

I paid for the BBQ tables on Wednesday, so they are on the way, I have spoken to Allan Fayen about the security flood lightening for the car park, and he has been kind enough to give us a good price, still waiting for the quote for the concrete repair work in the driveway, Dave Sully is going to drop in and see the contractor. It is pretty awesome that money raised is covering so many jobs that have to be done and not in the Te Marua Clubs Budget. A big AWESOME thank you to all members that have been in the roaring forties to support your club in unexpected expenditures. To the several members that have mentioned we need new flags, entrance mats to the shop/office plus additional fixtures, I have noted these down on the list.

We have some second-hand items for sale that have been donated – any reasonable offers will be accepted as a donation to the club.

Thanks to Michael Baines for the brand new water blaster he dropped off for cleaning the golf carts – much appreciated.

Thanks to Michael Baines also for arranging delivery of the sun screen for the Masters.

Diplomats and Defence were going to play today but this has been postponed to a later date.

Coming soon:  Wellington Left-Handers Tournament September 24th 2016

It is has been pointed out by a number of cart users how great the signage is on the course letting drivers know where they can and can-not go, so a big thank you again to Dennis Grover and Bob Dry for making these up for the Green-keepers, your work has been very much appreciated by the staff and obviously the public and private cart users.

Thanks to Allan Old for emptying the bins around the course on Sunday, plus all other volunteers doing their little bit for the club.

There were some pretty good scores on Sunday using yellow default tees, looks like most enjoyed the challenge, the best score of the day was Warwick Evans going around in 72. – congratulations

What’s on this week:-

Saturday – course available

Sunday –Club Day – Golf of the year RD7 for the men

Monday – course available, shop/office closed.

Tuesday – MW Men – Matchplay Championship Semi-finals, 9 hole Medal & Putts RD10.

Wednesday – MW Women – Tommy Stroud 4BBB.

Thursday MW Men hosting Trentham

Friday – course available.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

Regards Sonia


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