The BLOB – 29/01/2016

Good Afternoon everyone,  nice weather up here today, not too hot, little bit of a breeze but all good for a game!!

Wow cricket been good to watch, basketball very disappointing I’m too scared to watch them now because they have lost so many,  tennis pretty awesome , looking forward to the 7’s this weekend (probably the last year Wellington we hold it) and 9’s next weekend.  So love all this sports!!!!, and I can’t forget about our men’s and women’s  Interclub teams playing tomorrow also GOOD LUCK to you all, please don’t forget Captains to send me results of your game for the Blob, we are interested in how you do, win or lose I want to know!!!! Your CLUB wants to know!!!!!

The Rough mower tractor is away getting repaired so will be out of action for 3 weeks, rough is being mowed with a smaller machine, so green-keepers will endeavour to do as much as they can with the smaller machine.

Peter Cunningham has been away sick for several months, he goes into hospital on Monday for a operation, we all wish him a speedy recovery, and other members who are unwell at the moment.

The Summer Trays (Match play on handicap) for the Weekend Women commences on Sunday 14th February with a seeded draw.  The dates for three rounds are 14th, 21st February and 13th March.  These can be negotiated with your opponent if they are not suitable.  To enter please write your name and handicap on the sheet which is on the women’s locker room notice board.

The Women’s Summer Eclectics finishes tomorrow Saturday 30th January and the Women’s Weekend 2016 Eclectics commences on Sunday 31st January and runs until Closing Day, the cost is $2.00 which is paid in the shop, your name will be recorded on the Entry List we keep in the shop draw.

Midweek Women have been invited to Manor Park on Wednesday 3rd February to join them in their Opening Day Ambrose.   Please Ladies be in their Clubrooms at 8.30am where you will be formed into teams.  NOTE.  No green fees will be charged.

Opening Day is on Sunday for the Men and Women, we have the James Maher Trays Competition, which is 4 Ball Best Ball  Stableford, choose a partner and write their name on your card, $2.50 per person.

Wednesday 3rd February the course will be closed until late afternoon, we are hosting the Senior Men for the 2nd day of their Wellington Competition.


We still have a lot of members subscription notices to hand out, if you have not received your one please ask at the office for it, all subs to be paid before the 29th February.


Thank you to all that supported the Cheboche Area Trust Charity Ambrose Golf Match, Katy mentioned they fundraised enough to build two green-houses which is awesome.


Dot Golf have informed me the recurring booking issue has been fixed, if any-one has problems cancelling their bookings, please let me know.



As the newly elected Club Captain I wish to comment on the changes being made regarding the 2016 subscription options being presented for this coming year.

The Club has been in a negative financial position for a number of years, with declining full playing and limited playing members.  The long service members, Mid-week, along with husband and wife members have enjoyed a reduced full playing fee that cannot be absorbed any longer.

For our Club to survive we need more income, otherwise a number of things will have to change, or the club and course will cease to function as it does now.

My plea to you is to pay your full membership and support your Golf Club as it makes changes necessary to maintain its present standard that you expect and enjoy, and to ensure a future for all.

Chris Brooks
Club Captain.


What’s on this Week: 

Saturday course available all day.

Sunday Club Day – Opening Day.

Monday course available all day.

Tuesday MW men,  9 Hole Gross 1

Wednesday Seniors playing course closed

Thursday  MW Men, Teams Twilight

Friday course available all day


Everyone have a wonderful weekend.


Kind Regards